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  1. Cabal Won't Save My Settings
  2. gm buff and bringer in the lobby
  3. *MUST READ* Bug Reporting Guideline
  4. Special Skill not casting
  5. Getting game crashed by clicking on links.
  6. Game cannot load due to wmimmc.sys compatability issue!!! Event data included!!!!
  7. d/c using bm1/bm2
  8. FA BM1 BM2 Non EXP
  9. Client DC
  10. ticket : 19859
  11. blader DMG bug FOR pve&Pvp plz halp me!!!
  12. Anyone having IC2 not drop quest items?
  13. I'm having trouble running the game praise.
  14. wtf
  15. Error conecting to the serwer :(
  16. Not getting activation email for my acct!
  17. FA Bm2 non Exp
  18. Using P2W Xfire Coupon
  20. GameGuard
  21. Exp fail
  22. crashing
  23. My friends can't get activation mail (not a yahoo mail)
  24. Blader BM2 Bug
  25. Buff Animations
  26. Anyone else having this problem?
  27. Email with activation didn't arrive
  28. Game crashing
  29. FT2 bug
  30. Game Guard Error
  31. Can't connect to nation war
  32. Vouchers don't work?
  33. Mail
  34. incorrect id or password
  35. disconnecting when u try to click on a link
  36. Game crashes when clicking on link
  37. GM you should do something about mailing....
  38. Transfer Error
  39. Game freezes on LOADING SCREEN and have to reboot my pc
  40. Platinum Service SP Recovery Speed UP
  41. game crashings
  42. Keep getting disconnected :(
  43. Still vouchers dont work and stf...
  44. NSIS_Error
  45. I can't download the client
  46. GM, please help me I am confused
  47. Inventory page III & IV for premium service only?
  48. Mailing Glitch help desk ticket number 22023
  49. a union with a stern customer quest BUG?
  50. Holy Water of Traveler Glitch
  51. Can't login to game
  52. Ring of evil spirit
  53. x-trap error?
  54. Imageshack?
  55. ecoin
  56. link clicking
  57. fix the dam problem!
  58. Interesting Pet Glitch.......
  59. Can't seem to log into main page.
  60. I can not use my voucher
  61. "Can't connect to server" problem. Please help!
  62. Various Mission war glitches???
  63. Cant connect to server?
  64. Miss in combo is baaaack.
  65. Missing In Combo And No Drops....
  66. Weak eod glitch :<
  67. Not able to connect to server since 3/17 Emergency M/A
  68. New account sign up glitch
  69. Delete Option on tickets
  70. Radiant Hall dungeon another glitch
  71. Guild and buddy list
  72. What's wrong with the image?
  73. CAnt connect to server
  74. cabal problem
  75. Account wrongfully blocked
  76. Anyone having IC2 not drop quest items? OPEN IT AGAIN
  77. Item shop error!~!!
  78. New Alz Glitch!!
  79. Cash Shop Pet Broken
  80. Pet duplicating bug
  81. Cabal makes my web browsers crash
  82. BM2 crashes
  83. item shop gltich
  84. Range hacking noob.
  85. Can't log in to main site?
  86. Hi my character is broken
  87. GM - Missing E-Coin Though Paypal Payment.
  88. No nation exit in pf still not working
  89. EoD B2f dungeon bug
  90. why i still see bringer shout
  91. from global merged to NA then no more.
  92. Cant log into cabal official website ..GM's pls check..
  93. Failed to connect the server
  94. Cant Log in to website, tried fixes in other threads
  95. Calendar events spammed
  96. Agent shop/Guild bank
  97. Formula Card No. 105 MP Potion(lvl.3) wrong label
  98. não consigo me conectar
  99. cabal update
  100. level booster problem
  101. Acc blocked
  102. hey i have problem help plz!
  103. Error Code 244
  104. Defense Rune
  105. i have a problem
  106. Disconnected after buying from AH
  107. Incorrect Debuff Icon in Nation (or Mission?) War
  108. Glitched in war
  109. Cant create a guild
  110. x-trap error
  111. cant connect/load site
  112. mute canceled after cutscene
  113. Wont load(Stops after gamegaurd)
  114. Character's skill point is missing, see if I'm stupid or Cabal team Lazy to fix it?!
  115. Guild Board: Character Name Search
  116. Unban my account I get banned for forgeting security code ://
  117. i have problem with my old account ( plz help )[email protected]!
  118. Sonic Shooter isn't doing the damage its supouse to
  119. miss in combo
  120. Missing files and folders
  121. Missing in combo
  122. War glitches
  123. Missing file? please help
  124. Bringer title bug for FS, GM please check.
  125. Motykiller is thief
  126. Cabal launcher error
  127. Launcher Crash
  128. Can't Connect
  129. Hacked or just a bug?
  130. "Run DLL" error
  131. Disconnect - Error Code: 6 - Type: 421
  132. An error has been detected by the hacking protection system
  133. problem with loging
  134. Game Crashes in VC
  135. Item shop - game crash
  136. blocked by non-existent sub password
  137. Cabal download isn't downloading
  138. Can't connect to server
  139. can't login what da hell?
  140. Cant log in on certain character
  141. Bug , Black Bard
  142. Removing Pet from Warehouse
  143. Problem with my account by a misunderstanding!
  144. Lost my crafting levels....:-(
  145. Download and Install Cabal Online US
  146. Frozen Clue and Radiant Hall problems
  147. Quest Bug
  148. Bugg Pls!!
  149. I have a problem.
  150. santa+dungeon = disconnect?
  151. DC when casting bm2
  152. DP pionts
  153. Sirously?
  154. I miss playing Cabal. [Please be kind and read this]
  155. Problem with account
  156. Cabal Bug Problem cannot connect my acc is bloked
  157. BM1/BM2 bug
  158. Dropping Legacy Weapon in Base
  159. Gms please read.
  160. Red Garlie Lair
  161. Mage guild labatory quest problem
  162. cant log in
  163. Quest Bug: The Sage Tower, Divided.
  164. Please help! I can't log in/connect to the server
  165. Ic2 glitch
  166. Can't run the game anymore after the update.
  167. Party leader crashing after dungeons
  168. Illusion Castle Radiant Hall quest item bug
  169. bug in war
  170. Mission War
  171. T3/T4 channels crashing!QQ
  172. To GMs about Dupe Glitch
  173. Fix mission war please
  174. Camera setting glitch
  175. Catacomb frost glitch
  176. screen and level bug
  177. Copy of Illusive Apocolypse crashing at the same spot everytime
  178. Frozen Clue bug
  179. Ic2 still glitched
  180. Bug in the website
  181. lets try this again, catacomb frost glitch
  182. Bug in ASC Contoller quest
  183. Can't switch suits
  184. Help Desk Ticket Bug
  185. Combo missing bug. Please help.
  186. why is ic2 STILL GLITCHED
  187. ic2 still glitched
  188. ZeroDemon Cheat
  189. Cabal Wont open!!!
  190. Cabal keeps disconnecting.
  191. cabal bugs
  192. cant connect to server
  193. gm please check my ticket No. 33639
  194. Forgotten password = account blocked?????
  195. Repeated disconnections
  196. Website isnt working
  197. Please look into this
  198. Servers down
  199. Gm estimated that there looking any kind of response
  200. mysterious maze bug
  201. Problem with signing up
  202. every maintenance same problem
  203. I have an problem......
  204. Bug Forbidden Island
  205. Can't even download Cabal
  206. Dung error
  207. Can't singme in game
  208. hello..GM...
  209. bug in server
  210. Red Garlie Lair won't teleport
  211. Login issues after MA
  212. Dragon pet file corrupt error after 7th sep 2011 M/A
  213. Need help !! i can't play ..........
  214. Draca Currupted File. Fix it. Now -.-
  215. Fresh, can't intall
  216. Pet Crash BUg still here - even after downloading patch -.-
  217. cabal trojan virus?
  218. Cant connect to server menu
  219. Bill to mobile error
  220. Unknown Severe Lag in Character Selection and Game Play
  221. Download full client error
  222. An issue after installing
  223. Game closes immmidiately after hitting start....
  224. Help!
  225. my old account
  226. Halp
  227. White screen once I start up CABAL! Help please!
  228. crash
  229. Major d/c in T5 war (venus)
  230. Recent disconnections in War [10-15-2011]
  231. in war T1 cap mouse cursor bug
  232. IDK but yesterday it was working fine
  233. Buged quest
  234. Help Desk error
  235. Let's fix another issue!
  236. Ultimate Game Card Problem
  237. Man GameGaurd want start
  238. Player Name Display
  239. Problem with red lair dungeon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  240. FROZEN CLUE (HARD) close me the game every time i kill the firts boss
  241. Constantly Crashing on me.
  242. Log-in server problem?
  243. This must be a bug
  244. Another
  245. Cant use help desk
  246. Update raised an error fileinfo.dat
  247. LVL 79 Scenario quest
  248. Update raised an error fileinfo.dat !!
  249. Update raised an error fileinfo.dat
  250. Option settings glitch