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04-14-2010, 03:25 PM
well as the title says i do that as well as the folowing(mats listed by the item and fees are 2m for up to 5 crafts PC are 25% of current market)
-OSM DBhelms Battle-11osm cores, 11 lv3 dark disk, 1 battle cart lvl3, 1 clean 2slot osm helm+0
-OSM AMP suits- 11osm, 11 lv3 thunder, 1cart lv3, 1 2slot first slot max crit rate+0
-OSM AMP boots-11osm, 11 lvl3thunder, 1cart lv3, 1 2slot first slot HP autoheal+0
-TG Ampboots-13 REDOSM, 13 lv3thunder, 1cartlv3, 1 TG boot+4 no slot(FA/FB)
-FORCIUM boots of VAMP-10 Material core Forcium( NOT ASTRALCORE, QUARTZCORE, OR blue) 10 bloody discks lv4, 1 battle cart lv1 and a pair of forcium boots 1 slot with (max HP steal perhit +10) at +0
forcium is only 1m for up to 5 trys ill add more forcium items as my crafting lvls

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fix ur sig then we might do some crafting o.o

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make one for me ill put it up, but what does my sig have to do with my crafting?