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10-23-2010, 02:27 AM
What is an up to date skill guide for the wizard class? I did some reading here and there really isn't much posted. End game skill list would be good.

I assume for upgrades it would be:
vit mastery, both +defense skills, both +m.atk skills, and either sixth sense or mana mastery?

2x 24/10 Pher orbs until Lapis/Topaz of similar stats or an epic forcium?

Tit or S.Tit with 7/100 and a 7/40 helm?

Merg, Rol+1/2, 5%/5% Absorb, 5%/5% Absorb or Rol+1/2?

Amulet/Bracelets: Vamp Neck/Earrings and BoS

Is this about right for gear and upgrades for leveling/dungeons/bosses and then some ring/amulet switches for PvP?

10-23-2010, 11:17 AM
I'm thinking now too that 24/10 might be too much crit.

Base: 5%
Weapons: 10% (let's just say 5% each, extended with cd instead)
Merg/Rol+1: 25%
Helm: 5-8% (extended again with cd instead)

That's a minimum of 45% crit rate with potential to be higher if your rate on the weapons/helm is above 5. Surely that's good enough from level 55 to 160ish?

Totally lost on the skills though really. With FA it was so easy, there's a good setup and everything else is bad (but it wasn't too hard to figure out what was good). The wiz seems to have a billion possible choices. With the FA it was possible to have both PvE and PvP skills setup optimally (in the 1-160 range at least), the only thing that changed was what bar you used. Didn't have to mess with skill levels once you had em.

10-25-2010, 08:57 AM
The problem with wiz chars is that your skills and lvl they are set at are going to vary based on your gear. You really need to play with it. Its always evolving. Beyond that there is personal preference...you will find that what other people post doesnt work as well for you. This comes down to personal ability and style. I assume this is why the "end game list" cannot exist lol.

You wont be happy with those 10/24's for long.

I currently use a 12/24 phery +10 and a 7/30 lapis +10. I really wish I could find another lapis db with rate in slot. I am over phery orbs.

10-25-2010, 01:14 PM
Yeah I'm noticing this now too. I'm almost 70 (weod'ing) and every rank up my skills are changing. I have 4x level 15 cannons (for bm2), 2x level 9 lances, level 15 EF, and max level Hailstorm for my current rank. Seems ok for weod but the AoE damage is lacking a lot. The cast time on hailstorm out of bm2 is disgusting and the damage of EF is low. Probably going to get AF once I rank up though.

Yeah I think those orbs might have been a mistake. I'm now thinking about 2x 5/30 pher orbs (in case I die from boredom in weod they are 50m each unextended). That is 5% cr craft with 2 open sockets. I hope my math is right on how extending works, it should add up to 30 cd with a cd extension? 10+10 = 20 + 2 (1 slot) + 8 (extension) = 30?

So, 10% rate from both orbs, 8% on a helm, 5% base, a merg ring, and a rol+1 all adds up to 48% rate. And for CD it would be 60(both orbs)+20(helm)+20(base)+10(1x cr+1) for a total of 110% CD. That leaves 1 free ring for absorb and your standard vamp neck/earrings for happy leveling/dungeon farming to 160 with some PvP mixed in for class 11?

How are you getting 7/30 in the lapis though.

16% deathblow
5% cr (first slot)
10% cd (second slot)

That is only 5/26? Did you extend it, but if so, shouldn't that be 7/36?

10-25-2010, 08:08 PM
6% craft, 7% rate first slot 12% dmg each slot. 6+24 dmg and 7 rate.

Dig around a bit you will see how it all works.

Rate is easy enough to get nowa days. Farm for PC dmg orbs and try to get rate in slot...worst case you use 2 40% orbs and bump up some rate with merg ring and ROL's and a rate in slot helm.

Its fluid man. You will figure it out

10-26-2010, 07:37 AM
Yeah I figured out how extending works finally. So far I'm at 30ish runs and not 1 single 2s db orb. I figured I would just go until I get a 2s db orb and then fill it with CD for 36%. Then buy a 5/20 Pher Orb. Apparently there are better orbs than 7/40 Pher late game and they are realistic (high price sure, but it's not ridiculously ridiculous).

I plan to go with a:

Orbs: 36% CD /// 5% CR + 20% CD
Helm: 5% CR + 20% CD (8% CR if possible, price pending)
Boots: 7% Amp S.Tit
Armor: 7% Amp + 50% HP Osm
Gloves: 7% Amp S.Tit
Neck: Vamp
Earrings: Vamp
Rings: Merg (eventually), Rol+1, CR+1, 5% HP Absorb (maybe 4/4 if it's enough)

Total CR: 40%-43%
Total CD: 106%
Total Amp: 27%-32%ish (BoS and EoS grades will make it vary)

Could swap the ring later for another 10% CD and pickup a pet/board combo to handle the HP %. Then work on an end game set when I'm 160+.

This should be easy mode leveling to 160 and good enough to efficiently run sod/FT1 solo?