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10-28-2010, 11:15 PM
i send ticket complain about my acc got hack during trafer from ogplanet to this new webside. and admin was banned my IP for no reason. now i cannot log on cabal web side anymore. everytime i log on web it say wrong password or id but istill log on game. i must use internet from school to sent this. why admin banned me for send ticket to complain about my account got hack. i try to sent new ticket to them but they dont reply it. this look like admin was hack my account then banned my IP to cover it. they post on web u can get account back if u have prove to show them u own that account and i was sent it butthey wasnt help and banned my IP. i was trafer it before they close ogplanet but their system is wrong and someone steal my account but admin didnt want help me. and some admin was banned my accounr for no reason they just put in reason is OTHER. srry about bad english.this my ticket number 13466