View Full Version : id change back the bb+ and capes and also hury up and do game cards in stores

04-15-2010, 12:35 AM
with only a credit card option/bank through paypal u are really limting the number of players able to buy cash shop on top of that those who can have now less reasons to buy cash shop in first place or as much as they use to cause of not being able to sell capes and bbs peole buy more cash shop cash than to just get premium to be able to sell items on the game for alz i know vefore i quit a year ago i had spent over 2k on buying astros through via the game cards and used the astros to buy bbs mostly and some capes and chaos box extenders to sell on the game for alz u have really made your profit from the game next to noghting the way it is now if it dont change back and being able to purchase game cards is cabal gonna even make enough to keep the game running as it is now atleast a half if no more cant or have no reason to spend like they use to on the game