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04-16-2010, 01:22 AM
I have made successful purchases since the cash shop opened, but In my last renewal of premium, I got blocked! You can see it all in ticket no. 2120, my detailed explanations. I know, just sounding this off 'cuz I noticed that my premium has already been consumed without me being able to log on just yet. Billing matters fall under 'urgent' cuz time is important here. Thanks for the thorough review.

04-16-2010, 03:40 PM
This is lame :( Never been blocked before, not in ogp or anytime.
I dunno who's at fault here. All I know is I've been using Paypal to transact not just with mmorpg game merchants but a whole lot of other vendors. My cc and status with Paypal's been current and in good standing. Been verified a long time ago and despite the horror stories I read about it, I've only had once resorted to its dispute feature which was resolved amicably. And it wasn't back in ogp either. Not once did any of my transactions elevated to a claim or chargeback. That's why when ESTSoft chose this as a payment option, I was elated. Extolled the system no end and then...

Who would've known I'd experience my paypal trouble in a long while here in ESTSoft :(

Back in OGP, I remember, when it's your first time to use the cc or paypal, there will be a holding period of 3 days. That means you wont see your (then astros) cash til after clearing. Kinda like a check. After that, there will be no holding period anymore. Your succeeding purchases will be immediate and you can use the cash just as soon too.

I was well aware of that, that's why I waited 3 days after buying cash and before buying any item on my first transaction here. It went smoothly. However, when I bought another round of cash, thinking the 3-day wait was waived from then on, I used it immediately to renew my premium. What do you know! I got blocked for it because Paypal put the transaction under investigation and held the payment. It doen't help too that ESTsoft isn't a verified paypal merchant yet as it shows on my receipt. That's why they subjected it and the transaction under investigation. In the meantime, my cc is charged (well, i wont pay for it anyway til the statement comes), and in short, I inadvertently use the cash on the shop without the clearing yet. But let me make this clear EST, I wasn't the one who initiated the dispute claim. Paypal did. Paypal is now awaiting your response EST, just in case you aren't aware, ok.

In the meantime, having been caught in between, I gotta it up waiting for a resolution between Paypal and EstSoft. Sheesh, I think I spoke too soon about Paypal :( ... and ESTSoft? I'll wait how this gonna turn out.

Also, Est, pls expedite all billing concerns. I wouldn't mind the long wait if it were any other issue. But billing is your lifeblood, guys. No money, no honey. And if this is gonna happen everytime I purchase cash from you, no thank you :(

04-18-2010, 04:16 AM
Guys, EST, this was a slight misunderstanding. Paypal's inquiry case id PP-939-988-163 had already been resolved and closed. That's the dispute you were talking about for which you blocked my account. I however opened another case, 'non-receipt case' id PP-941-304-178. You can all see it on your paypal account. That's just so we can thresh out this accidental mess, together. I need your support and assistance here. I can't be doing this alone.
Please help me get to a speedy resolution of this case. So let's talk? Constant and earnest communication is important here. The helpdesk tickets are way too clogged :( so I'm resorting and relying on this venue and paypal's dispute center. Thanks.

04-18-2010, 10:42 PM
Just lemme know if I have to close the new dispute case id PP-941-304-178 before I get unblocked. thanks.

04-19-2010, 03:46 AM

04-25-2010, 02:16 PM
DaisY']Don't get me wrong. I understand your situation.
But there's lots of defrauders who say they are innocent.
I'll try my best to help you.
Thanks for reporting us with detailed information.
I'll let you know as soon as we complete the investigation. thanks

It's been 10 days since you blocked me. You have already deprived me of 2 weekends playing Cabal and 10 days of the premium service I bought.

My last two tickets remained unanswered. And this may be my final ticket.

Once again, and I hope for the last time, just please read through this. It's so tiring if we don't thoroughly understand or refuse to understand and believe answers. Then we just keep asking the same questions again and again. We'll be going in circles :(

Important questions asked and answered:

1. Why did I request refund when I already used the cash?

I did not request a refund. Paypal did.

2. Can I prove that I didn't?

Yes. I showed you all my resolution cases. If I filed a chargeback, it should show on my resolution center whether it's closed or open.

3. How do we know that Paypal was the one which opened the case?

It shows on my screenshot. Paypal was the actor, not me.

4. Why would Paypal do that?

because I did something wrong too. Read again the tickets I sent. Thus, they had reason to believe my account was compromised with an unauthorized transaction. But since I told them already that the transaction is valid, they closed the case.

5. How do we know it's closed?

It shows on my record in Paypal, and I'm sure it shows as well on yours.

6. Why is there an open dispute case in your resolution center against the same transaction?

Because technically, I didn't get the service I paid for. You blocked
my account before I could even use it. That's non receipt and non delivery.
But more importantly, I wanted us to talk via the dispute center also because
your helpdesk is taking so long. By the time this case is resolved, my premium
would have ran out.

7. Isn't that dispute case a refund?

No. It's our chance to resolve a problem. If we fail at resolving the dispute within 20 days (May 7), yes, disputes can be elevated to a refund claim.

8. Will you close the dispute case?

yes, I will close it as soon as I get an assurance that you will unblock my account.

9. What if you re-open the dispute case?

No, I can't. You cant re-open closed cases.

10. What guarantee do we have that you wont file a chargeback yourself?

In my 4 years in paypal as a verified client, not once did I so much as file a dispute case except this one. Look at my resolution center again. Merchants will protest and my account in paypal would be jeopardized and in question, if i will do that as a scam habit and for no reason.

11. Will you still patronize our game if you lose this account?

No. And I will just refund all my other purchases with you so you will also block my other account.

12. Any last words?

I've done my part to cooperate with you in the investigation and have explained myself, and have given you documentary evidences and proofs. I've shown you that this was a mistake and that it wasn't intentional. If you keep an open mind and listen to reasons and be fair about this, I honestly don't see why you should ban me permanently.


Now, having answered all your questions, will you now answer mine?

Here's the scenario, this will be how we can resolve the situation, the options really:

1. If you decide to permanently block that account which you are accusing of fraud, and refuse to belive my explanations, then might as well DELETE it, as well as my other account. As I said. I have no more intention of playing Cabal and having to start all over again if I lose that account. And I will this time by me (not by Paypal) file a chargeback/refunds on all my purchases from ESTSoft. I think that's fair since I cannot use anymore the cash I bought for my accounts.


2. Just unblock my account and I will close the case dispute. By closing any case, I cannot re-open it anymore. You are assured that no dispute or chargeback will be filed on that transaction anymore. And then we just go back to how it was before this mess happened.

I've done my part to cooperate with you in the investigation and have explained myself, and have given you documentary evidences and proofs. It's your choice/decision to make now.

So which will it be? 1 or 2?

05-08-2010, 04:57 PM
I understand that correspondences between clients and supports are supposed to be privilege information. But you guys just ignore way too much helpdesk tickets and when you do reply you don't take the time to read through and understand them, then just post a stock/bot reply pretty much like in the old OGP days. The only way to get your attention is to post on a public forum or create a dispute case. Do you want me to make one in Paypal again? so we will get to talk yet again?

We posted these on Paypal reolution center and I made a ticket on my account under billing re: this issue.

From Seller: ESTsoft Inc. on 5/6/2010 21:06 PDT
Hello xxxxxxx, We apologize for the delay by investigating your account. The evidence is clear and we are sure your account will be unblocked. But it can take few hours until the block will be lifted. And I am really sorry about the inconvenience you had. PayPal is our new payment option and we had few problems due to frauds and scamm. It was a mistake from our side and I hope it will not happen again to any other in the future.Thank you.

and my reply:

From Buyer: xxxxxxx on 5/7/2010 01:18 PDT
Thank you GM XXXXX. It was an honest mistake and not a willful attempt on my part to defraud you. On your side, I understand the thoroughness you need to investigate this. But I already filed for resolution this case as early as April 17. Must it take you 20 days edging on the last day of the dispute? As I suggested to ESTSoft on day 1 on your forums, you guys need to take care of the 'urgent' billing matters first on your helpdesk. If you did not respond in time, I would have escalated this to a claim, and that will be more complicated :( but because of your assurance, I will NOT elevate or escalate this dispute claim into a claim or chargeback anymore. And neither will I the other transactions. This dispute will close itself automatically or I will close it by tomorrow :)Paypal has been the only way I pay in mmorpg's like Cabal and other transactions involving cc to companies like OGP before and now to ESTSoft. I don't wanna give my cc details to anyone on the net. I'm sure you understand that.Here's hoping you can restore and unblock my account asap :) I miss it so much. Till then, I shall hold on to your promise and I remain trusting and waiting.
xxxxxx (blocked)
xxxxxx (other account)
both xxxxxx

so will it take a few hours? or another 20 days? Those messages have already been 2 days old. And it took you guys just 10 minutes to block me. So what gives? I already had that dispute case closed because you gave me your word. So when can I play my account again? If ogp support was corrupt back then, I hope you guys are not inept or dishonest when you promise a customer one thing only to get rid of disputes. I hope you are not that.

And after 45 hours (that's hardly a few), my account is still blocked as of this posting even when I already closed that dispute case.

05-08-2010, 05:40 PM
o dam some one wants his month worth of this game

05-10-2010, 01:51 PM
^ lol

05-10-2010, 06:46 PM
Thank you GM. Please close tickets 3586 and 3598.

There are however 2 new billing issues (ticket 3799) as far as my ecoin balance and the lost prem are concerned.