View Full Version : FT B1F and EoD B2F

12-21-2010, 07:39 AM
Ok! its me again asking for help for you pro shielders out there. Firstly, can a sFS solo FT B1F and EoD B2F.... If so what level i need to be and what should my get be? Oh! and what should i do when i reach 1st boss, charkis and his dam regen shield and Orca? Do i need amp and dmg pots?

Atm im a 154 sFS and my gear is medioca
amp suit, boots and gloves
30dmg helm, 10cdi forcy blade and crystal
mega ring and 3x cr+1, AoP +4, vamp earrings +4 and bof +4
Belt of vitality +1, EoF +6

Plz Help!!!

12-21-2010, 09:39 AM
i think u can solo FT b1f if u know the 45 sec trick to killing chakris. this second boss is the difficult part, after that ur home free. also might wanna conserve sp as much as possible for the last boss. after lvl 160 FT is very easy to solo.