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12-23-2010, 08:30 AM
For lvling do:
quests until lvl 52, you may also do w.rs/w.LiD to help lvl and get u geared better
but you won't be able to do w.lid until lvl 35, and w.rs until llv 45 so just grind on mobs and do quests, mostly story quests until then. after that you should do w.eod as soon as you can, lvl 50, so that you can get pc helm/weapons and lvl there and at LiD until u can do RS. to lvl at RS farm mechabuffaloes and you should be able to lvl there until lvl 110 or you can do eod if you're getting bored. At lvl 110 just do ls1/2 either one, afterwards once u hit 120+ u can do IC1 to help lvl with a party. My blader got a lvl per run, then do MF at lvl 125 until 140. At 140 do PF until lvl 160 and once u hit 160 you have to do PI. For PI you're going to need forci and vamp, or maybe not forci depending on how good you're geared and what class you are. Then just do PI until lvl 180.

NOte: obtaining w.eod/rs/lid cards maybe a bit hard for those who are just starting the game, to get them you may want to go to FR (fort ruina) and jack a card off a bot. usually i see at least one type of card there.

Brandon So
03-07-2011, 11:07 AM
Could someone please tell me what those abbreviations refer to? I'm only 93 and have played for 1 week and am not quite familiar with them. I only knew what rs and LiD meant in this post

03-07-2011, 11:33 AM
EOD = Epaulet of the Dead B1f,
LS = Lakeside (Lvl 110+ Map)
MF = Mutant Forest (Lvl 125+ Map)
PF = Pontus Forrum (if i mispell, my mistake) (Lvl 140+ Map)
PI = Porta Inferno (Lvl 160+ Map)
IC1 = Copy of the Illusive Apocalypse (also refered to as Illusion castle[Underworld])

If it has a w. in front of lid/rs/eod it refers to the copy of lid/rs/eod.
Forci = Forcium (either armor or weapons) and vamp = vampiric items such as vampiric earrings/amulets


03-07-2011, 11:47 AM
ftw= f.uck the world