View Full Version : small idea

04-18-2010, 09:30 PM
hey i know we use to have it were we could transfer characters from account to account .. and sealing of characters why not bring that back and have it to where you can buy and sell characters for cabal cash for for (pulled from another game) real cash (just and idea) becuase there are ppl who dont want to play a newb and want to go strait into a high lvl but if you try now its harder becuase u got to either clean the account or remake on a different account

i know in like (not meaning to name it on anything but reference) Rohan .. the game had a major spark to where u could lock your items and seal your character and be able to sell for ingame currency or for real $$$$ and/or for items that your looking for that are really up and epic

its just an idea no means for a total flop or anything just somthing to give those who work at ESTsoft somthing to think of for the future