View Full Version : Need help with my FB's gear please =D

01-08-2011, 01:23 PM
Well Hallo guys, as the topic says I really need some help.

I'm mostly do PvE but I'm focusing on dungeon running right now, and my FB is lacking... he could do much better I need some suggestion on what to do.

He's lvl 160
Crit Dmg : 123%
S.Amp: 29%
Crit Rate: 46%

His gear is +6 Forci Kat 10% CD , +7 Lapis DB 26% CD , Osm battle helm 26% CD +6 ( I know I need to get that to 30 at least that or 36) Vamp earrings+4, BOF+4
merph ring, 2x crit rings +1, AOP+4, Osm battle suit +6 50hp 7% amp, 7% amp bluestin gloves +8 and I don't have any boots for dungeon running so I use my +8 forci boots.

Any suggestion on how to increase my CD?

Please no flame, serious question.

01-08-2011, 01:40 PM
I'm assuming you don't have much alz to spend, so the best way to increase your crit damage at this point is to just level. Once you get to level 170, you'll be able to use just your merg ring and three CR1's, which should give you another 10 CD. I'd also recommend getting at least shadow titanium amp boots and gloves, which are usually about 100 - 120m for each of those. Getting a better helm would also be an easy way to increase your CD, as they're usually pretty cheap.