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01-09-2011, 07:47 PM
what's the least xpensive piece of jewelry and accessory i can get cj6 from?

so far, rings+8, earrs/braces+3 are in the 7-8m range. If i'll get just 1-2 jewels off of them, nty.
and each jewel seems to b priced at 4m each lol, crazeee.

aog+8, guard belt+1 seem cheaper alternatives but they sell so quickly. so where else then?


capes+7? LAWL!

thx for any and all tips^^

01-09-2011, 08:42 PM
+7 capes can't be transmuted and same goes for belts.

01-09-2011, 10:13 PM
try capes and belts ^^

perhaps i'm asking for the + and type, not so much which accy/jwlry can be transmuted/destroyed for jewels, cuz afaik and my basic craftin has taught me, all those access/jewelry/epaulets (eox+1-8) CAN be destroyed. Just don't train and hover ur trnsmuter for destruction on epaulet of proofs and discipline, and yuan and Freed, etc, then u really will get tht message that u cant touch them.

belt of guard+1/2 gives cj6 too.

All i'm asking is another source of cj6, a cheaper alterntive (from someone who knows what he's talking about lol)

PS --- ok, i stand corrected. I tried (VERY CAUTIOUSLY!) on my +7 cape, and yeah it says, it can't be destroyed. I swear in earlier crafting levels, I used to be able to to destroy eox+5 lower...they prolly changed it somewhere along the way/update.

but belt of guard+1 and 2, I'm certain. I just got 5 cj6 (one was priced at 4m, the cheapest i've seen. gave me 4 cj6, and another for 6m, gave me 1, measly 1 pc of cj6. Go figure!)

01-16-2011, 01:29 PM
Of course I'm DeadandGone, and rarely check the forums anymore (not to mention they used to be filled with nothing more than trolls spewing garbage and cyber-puke), but for a decent list of CJ sources check out the 5th post in this crafting section - or if you dont want to bother with all that hoopla: http://www.circuitjewels.embarqspace.com

I cant update the site anymore, because I changed from Embarq to Cox as my service provider, but the fools refuse to delete it. Its helped 2000 other people...it may help you too.

And honestly, isnt ANYTHING with red lasers cool?