View Full Version : blader DMG bug FOR pve&Pvp plz halp me!!!

01-18-2011, 02:27 AM
from lvl 5 that i made my first pvp i saw that my dmg on other ppls in same lvl is 2 low

i hit for 1-2 dmg wene he hit me for 10-15

i thuget its onley cuz low skills

but now

im lvl 32
with 100+str 20int 100+dex
full set +5 with dmg hp and crit dmg

i pvp some other blader lvl 30 with lower dmg lowr deffned and lower hp
with no buffs

and i hit him with triple slash lvl9 for 2-4 dmg 5 with crit
and he hits me for 30-40 dmg per hit with same lvl of skill

we tryd fighting naked with no items onley sowrds lvl 1 of the training
and i make him 4 dmg wene he dmgs me for 20-25

we tryid to pve some monsters
and he kill the monsters in 2 skills wene i need to do the skills like 6-7 times to kill the same mob

my blader name is "Holyside"
plz cheack it its realy sux and make me out of want to keep play...

(i know to play i had onces fb lvl 70) and hed no problems with the dmg...
plz halp me |::(

01-18-2011, 03:15 AM
Maybe this blader had better upgrade skills O.o possible.

01-18-2011, 03:40 AM
Nope he have 0 upgrads his dmg is 120 and his dedf 180 my dmg is 139 and deff 209 mutch better then him ...i have rrgular in both magic and sowrd with max upgreds and still 1-4 dmg in pvp eaven on ppls lvl20 can gm test my account and ssee by himsleff