View Full Version : Help on FB gears

02-25-2011, 01:46 PM
Hello guys, can I ask for some advice on what to do next for my FB's gear?

Lv: 111

Amulet: AoP+4

Rings: 3 RoL+1 and a CR+1

Suit: Osm Battlesuit +6 HP+50, 7% S.Amp

Gloves: ST 7% S.Amp +5

Boots: ST 7% S.Amp +6

Helm: Osm Battlehelm +6 30% CD

Blade: RedOsm +6 20% CD

Crystal: Topaz +6 20% CD

Bracelets: Life Absorb +1 and Grandma Yerte

Earrings: Vampiric Earrings +1 and Grandma Yerte

So total CD (w/ Lightning Blade) is 115% and total CR (w/ Lightning Blade) is 50%/51%.

What should I try to get next? I know I need some DB weps but I dont know which ones to get :confused: Any help would be greatly appreciated ^__^