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02-26-2011, 09:01 PM
Sick of hovering over AH everyday for your craft training? Lookin for a quick way to get past titanium?

Now taking subscribers for my titanium 1slot farming in battleset,armorset or martialset, including gloves, boots and helms all 400k ea!
I farm large amounts and can usually deliver 20-40 pieces every few days so getting past titanium lvl is now a breeze! With my services you can even train multiple types of pieces at once!

1slot Items available
Titanium Martialhelm[1slot +0]
Titanium Martialgloves[1slot +0] (update: i have approx 100 in stock right now!
Titanium Martialboots[1slot +0]

Titanium Armorhelm[1slot +0]
Titanium Armorgloves[1slot +0]
Titanium Armorboots[1slot +0]

Titanium Battlegloves[1slot +0]

Also in constant supply-
Circuit Jewel(lvl 4)
Material Core(titanium)
Material Core(shadowtitanium)
Force Core(piece)
Upgrade Core(piece)
Shadowtitanium 1 or 2 Slotted items(limited supply)

Unavailable 1slot items(Current subscriptions) Available again soon!
Titanium Battlehelm[1slot +0]
Titanium Battleboots[1slot +0]

I use a remote agent shop card and yekaterina gold which means more time in the field farming the items you need-my services are truly a fast way to get past titanium craft!

For more information or to subscribe for all the pieces you need to lvl, send mail to Kaosuyaiba ingame with the subject line '1slot'.

03-01-2011, 07:35 PM
Is this for Mercury?

03-11-2011, 07:44 PM
yes, this is on the mercury server, some items i cannot farm

03-12-2011, 03:35 AM
Please save all the battle boots for me.
I will buy them whenever you have a fair amount of them.

Contact: JoneFA

03-12-2011, 07:27 PM
ill send mail when ready

03-20-2011, 08:47 PM
*bump* and ty all recent subscribers! i'll keep em coming =]

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09-17-2011, 09:00 PM
up up and away!!!!!