View Full Version : Suggestion: Make a thread for reporting BOTS/HACKERS/GOLD SELLERS/OFFENSIVE ACTIVITY

04-24-2010, 08:42 AM
NO im not BNing
NO im not CBing
YES i do think that a report thread or report post sticky should be in place to help the game run more smoothly and help the staff locate policy abusers.
YES i have looked through forums and found no sticky or report thread for proven (documented) posts on players/bots breaking cabal rules.
YES i am aware that the GM staff have alot on their plate as is, but this i think will make it easier for them to locate, investigate, and deal with suspected abusers.
YES i think it would also help players to stop flaming others with accusations, instead they would be more prone to show proof of offense.
YES we have the ability to chat log and screenshot so this would be a simple task for the community of players to do.

with all that being said heres the suggestion in detail.

to make a report one should do the following.

post a screenshot or chat log of the offense.
post the server name
post the channel #
post the map location ex: bloody ice @ lynxhorn zombies
post the approximate time ex: 9pm PST
blockout or otherwise remove the reporting player's name to keep anonymity/privacy intact
give a brief statement of the suspected offense (especially since it may not always be clearly obvious)

again this would make things a bit easier for game patrol to locate and deal with suspected offenders, as well as reduce the amount of accusing flamers on forums. :D