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03-25-2011, 10:37 AM
hi again. i recently had a problem with cabal when it use to show "failed to connect to server, try again later". im pleased to say after an admin saw it couple of hours later it stopped and i could logged on. however, i noticed that after i log on the game would be really laggy and then i would just disconnect. then it became as soon as i log in it would disconnect and it as long as i log in, it would stay on a while and a few moments later my laptop would just shut down. now that really scared me. i know my laptop has a bit of an overheating problem so i thought it was that. took out my cooling board to cool it and it stayed on. but when i log onto cabal after a while the laptop would shut down again. and as i am typing this, im getting the failed to connect to server error again. can i get some assistance with this?

for admin
Character names: oPikachu, oRaichu, ChaosZam
Server: Mercury

Thanks in advance

{EDIT} to the admins, i have sent a ticket. ticket 24040
{EDIT} also i noticed after i close cabal after getting disconnected, my internet tends to be slow or cease. i have to reboot my laptop to get net