View Full Version : Anyone having IC2 not drop quest items? OPEN IT AGAIN

03-27-2011, 07:20 PM
this time it is a problem at the 7 harpies this also happened around the time when the first or second clue was having problem. happened twice to me around that time. along with the second clue not dropping.

the problem. well today me and a buddy are in ic2 doing perfect. he gets dc'ed, i finsh killing the harpie we were working on. and no key drops. that was the 6/7th harpies killed. i megaphone for a gm to come look. no response. i submit a help ticket. it is answered in less that 5 mins. (wow nice response time) but they say. there has been no other report n ic2 not working. ummmm i just looked at this form and well there is 4 pages of people complaining about this issue. please gms fix this. and dont say something is fixed if its not.

thank you

ps if you are having problem with this in ic2 please include it on this form. the more that complain the better chances of it being fixed