View Full Version : Cant create a guild

The Shadow
05-14-2011, 05:59 PM
EDIT - I figured out that my port filter was blocking me from being able to see the guild page once i turned the port filter off it showed up as normal and allowed me to leave guild and create my own. So just wanted to let you know you can lock/delete this post I'm not sure if i can i didn't see a way to anyway.

I'm not sure if this is a bug but its a problem for me. i have been trying to make a guild for awhile Ive gone to each officer in the three starting towns and click create guild then the little message comes up for the 10,000,000 alz i click create then type the name i want then click create guild then nothing happens it just closes without creating a guild. i am over level 40, over battle style 5 Ive done the promotion quest i have 10,000.000 alz in my inventory and the name is under 20 English letters.

i was in a guild previously but i am not now as far as i can tell nothing shows up in my guild page. going to my old guilds board it still shows me as a member but there is no leave guild button and i have no guild tag.

i checked the bug forum and didn't see anything if anyone has a fix or has the same problem or I'm just not doing something right let me know please thank you.

Server = Venus
Char name = RainOfShadow