View Full Version : Free Amp Mystic Shoes Crafting by ( Famed Crafter ) Venus

Carlos Soy Yo
06-06-2011, 05:14 PM
Forcium lvl 7 Famed Crafter since Global Crafting Mystic Shoes for free

Tips for getting a PC
1) i recommend crafting 10 shoes at a time as a minimum
2) add me in ur buddy list cuz i will craft free mystic for very long time
3) Don't get broke over crafting, cuz its also about luck

Materials Needed for Amp
13 Thunder Disc lvl 3
13 Red Osmium material
1 Shape lvl 3 Martial
+4 boots either WI or BL with no slot

carlo5 in venus at ur service
and glad to have more friends
I do accept lvl 4 Materials Donations =)