View Full Version : Launcher Crash

06-12-2011, 06:29 PM
hi i havent playd in a while but i decited to start again =P and when i went to reinstall the game i installed the most recent installer i had (and yes it was one since it was moved from OGP to here but it was from EP4) and after i installed the game it asked me if i wanted to launch the game (like always) and after the launcher came up it started downloading something but when it hit 100% is crashed tried a few time still nothing. So i came to the site and downloaded the newest download and did the same thing and it still crashed and after it crashes i cant even start the game again. i try using the idons on my desktop and they say "path can not be found" (or something) and i even went to the folder and tried running those but it doesnt do anything plz help

btw: OS = Windows 7 64-bit SP1 (Compatibility Mode Windows XP Sp 2)

Running CabalMain.exe or update.exe does nothing

Running cabal.exe says Windows can not access this file and after i run it it self deletes then if i run the patch and it comes back and if i try running it the launcher comes back up but get to 100% again and crashes

cant take a screenshot to show you cuse it looks past the launcher

=/ working now (idk why but not gunna complain) but ill post if it messes up again