View Full Version : An error has been detected by the hacking protection system

06-15-2011, 05:26 AM
Now a few days ago the game started to give me this error message:
See attachment.

The game RUNS FOR about 5 minutes and then this error comes and the game exists.
The GameGuard ICON is in the System tray all the time - all seems ok.

There were two main changes recently:
1.) My DSL modem/router was replaced.
2.) I installed Outpost Security Suite Free.

But I configured the Firewall (Outpost) to ALLOW ALL ACCESS to Cabal and GameGuard.
I even explicitly allowed the local port 6800-6900 UDP and 38111-38125 TCP to be open. (For GameGuard and Cabal.) As well as a open port forward in my router.

I also tried turning the Firewall off.

Nothing helped.

I wrote two Helpdesk Tickets but i GOT NO ANSWER FOR 2 WEEKS!!!

Please help.