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08-03-2011, 09:41 PM
I've only been playing a couple days but figured I'd ask this before I got too far ahead. I usually play by learning from my mistakes but since there's so many skills to choose from (and becoming kind of expensive), are there any specific skills I should choose to excel into the higher lvls? Or should I be doing what I've been doing all along and choose skills that I think I'll like? (I'm lvl45 atm to give an idea of the skills I'm working with) Sorry if this comes across as a dumb question. I'd also like to know if I don't like a skill, is it infinite to remove them and replace it? or will I hit a certain lvl and not be able to take pts away anymore? Thanks for any responses. :)

08-03-2011, 10:05 PM
Honestly wizard skill are unique from wi to wi. Different skills require different playing styles that some like and some don't.

Moreover some skills depend on your current performance (how much matk & amp) to be practical (ex: lances/cannons).

You can always take out pts from a skill no matter the level of the skill. It may be costly but it is a one time investment for an experiment that will have lasting impact :)

This is a good guide for you to look at: RatzaTM's Guide (http://forum.cabalonline.com/showthread.php?167502-Basic-guide-for-EU-Wizards)

In addition to this guide you can also explore this calculator to see what kind of dmg output you are getting per skill & gear combination: Elkilleuse Wi Calc (http://forum.cabalonline.com/showthread.php?167648-The-Wizard-Calculator-by-ElKilleuse) (this calc is not up to date but have generally sufficient content)

08-03-2011, 10:31 PM
Thanks so much for the links! 100% helpful and exactly the type of info that I was searching for. I've been browsing these forums like a mad woman looking for some guides so thanks for responding!! :)