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08-14-2011, 08:55 AM
Hey, just need ratings from people judging against my Armor + Weapon set.

Lvl 85 Blader


Osmium Headpiece of Deathblow - +10% CDI
Osmium Suit of Will - HP + 90
Osmium Hands of Destruction +1 - Max Critical Rate +2% & All attack up +5
Osmium Shoes of Amp. +1 - All Skill Amp. UP +3%
Ogre Power Amulet
Epaulet of Fighter +5
Belt of Rapid +4
Critical Rings +10% x4

Shadowtitanium Katana of Deathblow +2 ATK Rate: 340 - Critical DMG +10% & Critical DMG +6%

Shadowtitanium Katana of Deathblow +4 ATK Rate: 366 - Critical DMG + 10% & Critical DMG +3%

Likwid :D

08-14-2011, 11:35 AM
It seems like you need some help understanding how to build a Blader. Right now your gear is not very good, but you can fix it! I know this is long, but it should answer most of your questions.

First of all you MUST understand the difference between crit rate and cdi. Crit rate determines how often you get a critical hit; the higher it is, the better. There is a limit to how much you can get of this. Rings can give you up to a limit of 30% crit rate. The maximum crit rate you can have is normally 50% but this can be raised with amulets of pain and some other equipment. CDI determines how much damage you do on a critical hit.

Also, make sure that when you get amp stuff remember: Magic amp is useless for bladers! Get sword amp or all skill amp.

As a blader you need to maintain a balance of attack, amp, crit rate, and CDI. Generally you should try to get at least 35 rate (including base rate of 5) but 40+ is ideal. The goal of level 140+ bladers should be to keep attack high (between 900 and 1100+) with around 40 crit rate, over 100 cdi (usually 140+ is prefered unless you are a boss hunting blader), and over 40 amp (if you are a boss hunting blader, aim for 50 or higher amp). Now I will list some equipment you should strive for!

Helm: Get a 10 or 16 CDI 2 slot martial helm osmium or better. If you need rate in your helm to get at or above 35%, you could go for an 8 rate craft 2 slot if you are saving money.
Suit: Either get a 7 amp 50 hp osmium or better suit or go for a 7 amp craft, 2 slot osmium or better suit.
Gloves: 7 amp slot or craft gloves, osmium or better if you can get it. Shadowtitanium is ok to start with if low on money. If you can't afford 7 amp, try for 5 amp.
Boots: Same as gloves, with the addition of possibly 7 amp craft slotted boots osmium or better.

Rings: Initially you will use 3 ring of luck +1 and 1 crit ring +1. Eventually you should try to get a mergaheph ring and use that with a ring of luck +1 or 2, and then use 2 crit rings +1 or 2. For pve you can also consider using life absorb or force absorb rings to help with vampire accessories, but you don't need to worry much about that until you are around level 100.
Amulet: For pve use a Vampire Amulet (+3 if you can). PvP/War use amulet of pain or amulet of battle (highest you can wear/afford)
Epaulet: Your current one is ok, but try to get a +6 or better one when you can.
Belt: Use a Belt of Vital for all around benefits. Belt of Damp is great for pvp/war if you can spend extra money.

Weapons: This is where you really determine what kind of blader you want to be. Right now titanium and shadowtitanium grade is ok, but you shoud try to get osmium or better weapons because you need the extra attack (note attack rate is kinda useless in general, only attack matters). Keep in mind though that redosmium and higher weapons require you to be at or above a certain level to use them. Only use rate in weapons if you have trouble getting at or above 35% rate or if you can extend a 2 slot weapon that has a rate slot with an empty or cdi slot.

Boss hunting bladers usually use a forcium weapon and a redosmium or higher weapon. They may use 1 or 2 forcium weapons with amp and/or cdi, sometimes paired with a 5 or 7 amp craft/20 cdi slot redosmium or better weapon. PvP/War bladers often use high cdi weapons such as 30 or 36 damage (10 from craft, 20 from slots) osmium or better, sometimes they will use 27 or higher cdi redosm or an amp craft, slotted weapon redosmium or better.

Bracelets and Earrings: When your honor rank (from wexp exchanges) and level are high enough, get 2 extortion bracelets and 2 vampire earrings, as well as 2 bracelet of fighter and, if you want, 2 force regen earrings or earrings of guard.

For the extortion bracelets, get the highest ones you can get; you only need 1 if you get an extortion bracelet +6 (that requires a lot of honor though). Vampire earrings only need to be up to +4, but +6 ones are nice if you can afford them.

Bracelet of Fighter should be either as high a + as you can use or you can get +2 or +3 amp slot ones. You can keep +3 amp slot bracelet of fighter as far as the endgame if you like, or you can go for +6 or 7 ones for endgame. Force regen earrings or earrings of guard should be as high as you can wear/afford, but you can get away with using vamp earrings if you are saving money.

Good luck!

08-14-2011, 11:48 AM
Thanks. That really helped. It made things clearer. Unfortunately, I am low on Alz. If you can give me a suitable amount to sell my current equips and then list whats good too buy under my budget.

When I get a higher budget, Ill buy the things you listed :D

Also, can you list some important abbreviations. I already know a few, but just some of the advanced stuff ;)

08-14-2011, 07:43 PM
There are skill abbreviations, but it's best if you learn those yourself. All the main ones for bladers should be listed in my skill guide http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.php?10514-A-Guide-on-All-Skills-to-get-for-Bladers-with-Recommended-Skill-Levels

As far as what to sell stuff for, look at the agent shop (often referred to as 'ah') in Bloody Ice (or 'bi' for short) to get a feel of that. Since you are low on alz, get whatever you can afford and start running dungeons, leveling up, and war to get wexp. Exchange wexp for honor in Port Lux ('pl').

While on a tight budget in the early game, look for weapons that give good crit damage, at least titanium grade for now, but you will want osmium or better later on. 26 cdi osmium should be fairly affordable to aim for. For armor, buy an osmium 7 amp 50 hp martialsuit and try to get 5 amp osmium gloves and boots cheap for now. You could also go for 7 amp shadowtitanium gloves and boots if you want the extra amp in exchange for less defense. Get whatever osmium deathblow 2 slot helm you can afford that compliments your weapons and rings (don't get a helm if it has anything other than empty, crit rate or cdi slots). Also consider getting a vampire amulet +3 and a force absorb ring +2 to help save on potions. Prioritize getting 3 ring of luck +1 too.

08-15-2011, 12:08 PM
cadacus_ater thanks for the post been looking for a post like that as well
i take it a warrior should follow the same build?

08-15-2011, 06:43 PM
cadacus_ater thanks for the post been looking for a post like that as well
i take it a warrior should follow the same build?

Warriors are a little different from Bladers since they have no built-in rate and cdi for their skills. I'm not an authority on WA but their build should be fairly similar to Bladers, with the exception that they usually get a deathblow GS osmium or better for late game and they may or may not use a rate craft helm. It depends on their sources of rate. I would guess though that they generally aim for 38+ rate (30 from rings, 5 base, and 3 from kred board) and as much cdi and amp as they can get their hands on. An endgame WA will likely prefer to have 45 or higher crit rate, over 150 cdi, and over 40 amp, with 1k to 1.2k+ base attack. You should probably check with a good WA on that, but that's my guess as to what they aim for.

That's another thing I forgot to mention earlier. Kred board is very helpful for all classes. Get one if you can. It's generally best to buy it with ecoins.