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05-02-2010, 10:36 AM
I think cabal needs a few things and if they were mentioned or not I really don't know because I don't want to read every post until I find that what I wish to say is there or not.

Topic one: Potions. Why haven't we been able to stack over 50 yet? I would prefer to have as much inventory space as possible rather than losing half of my first inventory space(Do not say "get prem" because I will get into that soon).

Topic two: Guilds. I really haven't seen the point of a guild(or the guild warehouse for that matter) yet. Yea we have a place we can talk and ask for help as people may or may not listen, yippee. Yes you have boss monsters like derk that your guild can go for. What am I suggesting for this? Pose off of WoW and make epic raids, or figure out a way to actually make people want to be more active in the guilds instead of slapping new chars every time and just leaving the guilds with alts.

Topic Three: War. The M.War is awesome, don't get me wrong, I like the fact I can do procyon vs capella as I would in guild wars Kurzick vs Luxon, but here is the problem. War is so bland... I shouldn't have to be bored waiting every 4/5 hours. I shouldn't also have trouble praying I get into war. Before I put my suggestion I realize what I'm putting in stake, and that is war farmers. They would probably just farm war until they just reach a max cap. What am I suggesting? Make m.war like guild wars, allow us to have the chance to always enter war so we have something to do when we don't feel like grinding monsters.

Topic Four: Cash shop. Now before I begin I would like to ask all the rich kids to about expenses, and I will kindly ask you to get a job and move out on your own before posting, because most of us in the real world can't just say "mom I want this" and suddenly we receive a credit card. Now my complaint is this, I just look around the cash shop and I get to the uniform of procyon/capella. I immediately get excited because I see it's a bl costume(I have a bl so that was bonus points) and it's exactly 30 dollars(300 gold whatever) so I buy the uniform. Now I'm enjoying my costume, living it up and enjoying myself. Weeks go by and I decide I don't want the suit anymore and here's where the complaint gets in. I can't do anything with it. I spent 30 dollars on an item in a game I can never get rid of except via NPC. WTF! How the hell can you even sleep at night knowing thats the biggest rip off ever. Now I'm sure EST can fix that right? What am I suggesting. Rather make us able to buy gift boxes via cash shop or make the item un account binding... We have sub passwords now so any kid saying "Oh I've been hacked" is blantly bull****ing because we have a secondary pass to enter before we can even log in.

Final post: Auto Sort. This is for the lazy kids out there like myself :cool: I think there needs to be an auto sort because it'll help keep the inventory cleaner when we are grinding non stop and when I see "Inventory is full" I just QQ how there is space available, but I gotta move everything around to optimize my space. Make a auto sort plz <3

Those are just a couple thoughts this afternoon I had about cabal. This has to be by far one of the best mmo's I played and it has kept me addicted for so very long. See a fully optimized awesomeness of the game would be splendid.

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05-03-2010, 12:40 PM
I really like the idea of Auto Sorting. That would be a very helpful feature for me. I hope to see that in the next few updates =D

05-03-2010, 01:06 PM