View Full Version : About bikes

10-16-2011, 07:41 PM
Lemme just recap (I haven't done this yet)

1. From 0 slot bike, u may proceed to 1 slot it, then 2 slot from same npc in FR? You can lose the bike at anytime? You don't make them account bound, unless you use slot extender at anytime? So the se can be used to make a 3rd slot?

2. And then use the formula card (temporary) craft card from the Saint boss minions to be able to put the options in those 3 slots? So to be able to replicate the astral k-board, you need to be able to slot in the 3 options --- amp, cd, and rate, all level 3!? Quite an epic feat if u ask me...and so costly too :(

Did I get that right?