View Full Version : What i Need to Buy?

11-01-2011, 02:11 AM
İ am a newplayer for cabal i have 152 lvl wi and i need help about buying new stuff.This is my first char so i take help from too many peoples but now i am confused a bit.Firstly i have
Shadowtit 20/8 martialhelm +10 (i will extend it for rate)
Osmium 7amp + 50 hp sloted Suit +10
Pherystin %40 Dmg Orb +10 x2 (already extend)
S.tit 7 amp. + 50 hp sloted Boot +10
S.tit 7 amp. + %3 hp steal Gloves +10
Vampiric earring 4 x2
BoS 5 x2
Merga Ring + Rol 2 + Cr 1 x2
Vamp amulet 3 Vital belt +4
No board or bike EoS 6
And i have 300kk .
İ want to buy k-red or eos +7 but they are very expensive.Am i need to save money for these .Or what i must buy now.
Amulet or new vampiric set or bos 6 or rune or new gear or something else ???????

11-01-2011, 06:18 AM
save for kred o: