View Full Version : BM2(skillLvl??)for Dungeons !! (PRO)WI some advice plz..

11-20-2011, 07:56 PM
I have new WI for dungeons but i dont have any idea what skill can i use for it and lvl..
Post ur Skill and lvl of skill.. TY hope u dont mind it..
Sorry for my English.:p:p:p

11-24-2011, 08:25 PM
here are some ground rules i know:

1. never use lances in bm2 cuz every skill has the same cast time when used in bm2 (other skills like cannons, hail storm, extreme dual cannon will obviously do more dmg)

2. for everything else especially when battling blader, fa, and fb in pvp use terra, fire, and aqua lance (some ppl use lightning instead of aqua but lightning lance has same cast time as cannons excluding lightning cannon so its like using a cannon but weaker)

3. when there are large mobs of enemies in pve (player versus environment) its best to use skills with the large area (extreme dual cannon, space collapse, meteorite, etc.)

4. as for a bm2 skill bar, this is mine in order:

extreme dual cannon lvl 12, hail storm lvl 20,
meteorite lvl 12, vacuum lvl 20,
aqua cannon lvl 20, fire cannon lvl 20,
earth cannon lvl 20, lightning cannon lvl 20,
arctic field lvl 20, space collapse lvl 20

*notice how i try to make it so skills with similar ranges are paired together, (ex. arctic field has 3 range, space collapse has 4) btw for all u veteran wi out there i have edc and sc at 12 so i have emergency range stun on stand by and i have meteorite at lvl 12 cuz im too attatched to weaken (wa actually run from me when i cast it on them in war so i think it has a bit of a purpose xD)

5. a sidenote about bm2: you use a lot of mp when u use skills in bm2 and when u auto use a mp pot in bm2, it only allows u to cast one skill when using it instead of 2, significantly decreasing ur dmg output, therefore u need to have mp pots close by on ur skill bar so that u can manually use them and avoid that problem

That's all i can think of right now but if u have any specific questions other than that id be happy to answer em lol

12-08-2011, 07:22 PM
Please insert "Elemental Festival" in your slot,

When you try Ctrl +a (Auto mode) and click this skill you will not jump and you can shoot other skills in that time.

Please see the clip below.


12-14-2011, 07:45 PM
I was playing with this bm2 bar, but i can't remember it as well because i did quit but there it goes.

1. Dual cannon lv12 + Meteorite lv9 or lv12
2. Vacuum lv 19 + Chain Explosion lv15 (can't remember seriously)
3. Stone cannon lv 20 + Fire cannon lv20
4. Artict Field lv15+ (don't remember) and Space Collapse lv15 thought.

It is a perfect bm2 skill, perfect cooldown time and be aware of using always mana pots in way to use it perfectly without any error or your skills will fuc*ed up instead. Make sure of calculate the time of the skill couple is the same by upgrading or downgratis it's level. I mean same cooldown time, i just can't remember..hope have helped you

12-15-2011, 12:56 AM
Here is bm2 skills which İ can suggest these are not perfect but good enough.
1-extreme dual cannon 9 2-hailstorm 20 3-metorite 9 4-arctic field20 5-speical collapse9 6-stone cannon 20 7-acidtrap 20 8-vacum 20 9-ligting cannon 20
İn combo use lance or cannon lvl 20((choose casting time min.-magic amp. %85-%95))
For mobs((if too many or hard to deal)) use Extreme dual cannon lvl9-Meteorite lvl9-Space Collapse Lvl 9 three of them with this lvl have enough casting time.

01-02-2012, 11:38 PM
I don't have Meteorite

04-01-2012, 09:07 AM
Whats better..
artic field [18]/vaccum [20]
hailstorm [20]/ lightning cannon [20]
edc [12]/ meteorite[9]
stone cannon[20]/ sp[9]
acqua cannon [20]/ fire cannon[20]

edc [12]/ meteorite[9]
sp[9]/lightning cannon [20]
artic field [18]/vaccum [20]
hailstorm [20]/stone cannon[20]
acqua cannon [20]/ fire cannon[20]
change something????


04-04-2012, 09:52 AM
Please insert "Elemental Festival" in your slot,

When you try Ctrl +a (Auto mode) and click this skill you will not jump and you can shoot other skills in that time.

This. But personally, i can cast EF with auto attack on. You autoattack 2 times (casting 4 skills) you cast EF, and quickly cast another skill (Mine is Fire Cannon, next to EF) before the jump animation. I do it clicking the skill with mouse, no keyboard. You only need to practice.

I dont remember right now the order of my BM2 Bar but skills are:

Meteorite 9, EDC 12, Space Collapse 12,
Hail Storm 20, Vacuum 20, Acid Trap 20 (Not so bad, its replacing Aqua Cannon),
Fire Cannon 20, Earth Cannon 20, Lightning cannon 20,
Arctic Field 20, Chain Explosion 20