View Full Version : WTB> Formula Card No.007 (Reflex Potion lvl1), & No.035 (Vital Potion lvl 2) Mercury

05-08-2010, 04:13 PM
Been trying to get my hands on these cards for some time already.

If anyone is interested I have the following up for sale:

Basic craft 2
No.010 - Manacondense Potion Lv 1

Basic craft 7
No.106 - Hardness Potion Lv 3

I'm also able to make Manacondense Potion Lv. 2 ( +20 m.atk) free of charge if you provide mats:
- Manacondense Potion Lv.1
- Flame Disc Lv.2

I can make the MC pot Lv.1 if needed:
- 5 strange stems, 1 Concentration potion Lv. 1
- Concentration Potion Lv. 1 ( req. 5 blue feathers)

Mercury: SoapyTea or Pout :cool: