View Full Version : Need Help WA leveling equipments

01-21-2012, 08:55 PM
I have a L150 WA and I need some equipments for leveling up.
Currrently my items are:

Vamp Amu +3
Forcium Gauntlet/Boots +4 (Both are 3% S.Amp no slots)
Forcium Suit +6 w/ HP in slot
EOF +6
Vamp. Earr +4 x 2
BOF +2 of amp x 2
Osmium GS +9 8rate/40critdamage
ROL +1 x2
ROF +9
Force Absorb Ring + 2

I am planning of changing my weapon to FORCIUM GS +8 [1]20% Crit Damage... Is it worth it?

01-23-2012, 03:17 PM
your gears is good enough for lvling , and no dont buy forci 20 cd but u can buy forci +9 40 cd or if u want cheaper one get forcium dk 40 cd then change your helm to pc rate . that would be a good temporary gears untill you can afford end game gears

01-25-2012, 11:32 AM
Yeahhh, DK +9 40% DMG is a really good place to start for a WA, get 8-rate in your helmet and damage in your weapon.