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02-07-2012, 08:05 AM
As I'm trying to raise my Basic craft to the max (9) I am hereby offering free lvl 8 crafting. All you have to do is supply me with the materials.

I will update this as my ability to slot bikes grows but so far I am only able to craft one slot RW3's. I can also make Fury Pot Level 3 potions if you provide the materials.

Force Core (High)
Force Core Crystal x10
Powerful Core x20
Plasma Circuit x5

Upgrade Core (High)
Upgrade Core (Medium) x5
Powerful Core x20
Plasma Circuit x5

Astral Bike Card - RW3 (1-slot)
Astral Bikecard - Type RW3 +0-15
Material Core Bike x2
Force Core High x5
Force Core Piece x20

Fury Potion (lv 3)
Empty Bottle x1
Air Disc (lv 3) x3
Fury Potion (Lv 2) x1
Shining Yellow Powder x1

Once again, this service is 100% FREE As long as you provide the materials.(I do accept tips though :3 )

Shoot me a mail, whisper, or PM me on the forums. Thank you!

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The cost of making lvl8 items is higher than just buying the finished product off the market, hence why I haven't bothered going to lvl 9 since the formula cards don't seem to exist in the game after 4 years of it being in NA...not worth it in my opinion.