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02-26-2012, 06:36 PM
Since I don't play very much, I figure that I'd open my crafting to the public.

Posting Materials for everything I can craft would be a major pain so please use google or something. I guess you could ask here too if you really need to lol.

I'm at Forc Battlegloves 50% (10% from amp...I'll get there eventually)
Forc Battleboots 92% (Can craft everything)
TG Battlehlms (L6 33%) Can craft OSM DB which I think is the only important thing
No suits, sorry lol

Prices: Free, PC amps/things of major value (100m+), I'll probably ask for like 10-15% of a lowball price. (Ex. pc DB OSM hlm might be 15-20m) I'll be fair if you crafted alot. If you try 50 TG gloves or something and get one pc, I'd just let you have for free

Maxed L9 Basic craft with most cards. Notable ones include:
All of the fury pot cards
Extender circuits/SeL crafting
No. 90 - SeH (I have successfully made SeHs in past, no SSes, sorry)
Blue Bike 1slot
RW3 1slot

All basic crafting is free, but tips are very much appreciated

If you'd something in basic crafted that isn't listed, let me know and I'll check if I have the card.

Leave a message in game to "Blager" for crafting

Also: 4261

02-26-2012, 08:09 PM
Also - I don't have the alz to buy the 2 slot crafting cards so I'll put any and all alz made from tips/crafting for people towards buying those two cards and when I get 1b, I'll buy both and craft those for free as well.

Tracker-> (lol) [0alz / 1000m]