View Full Version : New skill, character, weapon, armor and maybe have surveys

05-12-2010, 05:45 PM
With my opinion that cabal can be a lots more better and will have more more people come to play if
#1 have more skill for each classes because the skill got to be max when you lv 110 and the max lv is 170 so if we can have more skill its will be much more better and the skill is little expensive its cost almost 4mil each skill( at trans or comp) and we have like 7 skills to buy its does cost a lots. Each time when my skill rank up all of my alz is gone
#2 if cabal can design more of armor, weapon and if can be more classes its will be great
#3 some of the game i play like perfect world entertainment or 9dragons online they have the surveys to get the free cash to buy stuff in games. So if cabal can do it its will be a great game

it is just me and some of my friends in cabal ideas so if i write some thing wrong please don't mad at me . Thanks for reading