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04-04-2010, 08:22 AM
Source: http://cabal.mmosite.com/content/2008-09-29/20080929201006927.shtml

I'll update with English pics when I can...

hi babies, havoc here again. lots of confusion on how to work with the new pet system, and you know what they say... when in doubt about korean mmorpg, think... wwkd? what would koreans do? here's a translated guide from cabal.g-report.com

1. In order to train your pets, go talk to the Core Alchemist NPC in any town.
2. The maximum level a pet can reach is 10, and they will gain EXP every time you use a skill.
3. You cannot gain skill exp from dummy. You can gain additional EXP for your pets if you use Premium + Plus beads.
4. For every level you will gain 1 skill slot. Every time you level you can have the option of filling that slot with a skill.

(one lucky ass korean w/ horrible sense of names)

5. You will have to use Force Core Highest to train your pet with success rate of 100%. Slot is random. (I heard Havoc is selling them cheap, also PM him about AMP mystic gears IGN Havoc/Noein)
6. Upon reaching the maximum level, your pet will change appearance. Just like a Pokemon. Or Digimon. Or whatever the hell -mon there is.

That's the basis of the Pet system. Now let's look at everything in more detail.

1. Training Pet


Insert animal, insert Force Core Highest. Success rate is 100%, and skill gained is randomized. Cost of learning new skills will increase as the pet level goes up, or so they say.

One question though, is that there is an item called Action Kit, which hasn't been implemented yet. Probably will be implemented later on.

2. Increasing Pet Level
You accumulate EXP for your pet by using skills. Items that give out skill EXP does not work with it (ie. Adepts). No one knows if certain skills give more EXP or not.

3. Pet Skills

(stolen from eu cabal)

04-04-2010, 08:22 AM
4. Pet Naming
You can give your pet a name via Pet Naming Kit.

(example of pet with customized name, CanCan)

(pet rename card. try to guess what it does

5. Pet Trading
In the past, it was impossible to trade Pets obtained from the Cash Shop; however, with the recent update, you can purchase Pet Sleeping Kit, which is used to seal your pet. These Sleeping kits are separated via levels.

(variety of types of pokeball, master ball not out yet)

6. Deleting Skills
You can use Pet Untrain Kit to delete your skills. Be warned, it will delete EVERYTHING.

04-04-2010, 08:23 AM
7. Maxed out Pets
At level 10, your pets will change appearances.
(Turn Into Thumbnail Later)

8. Pet Training Problems
One of the main concern in this new system is that while it is nice to use the once useless pets into giving your characters a boost, you will need accumulation of same skills more than once in order to actually see these effects. This will prove to be very difficult seeing that every skill is randomized. Furthermore, all pet kits are cash shop items, so the game seems to force you to buy cash shop items in order to model your pets the way you want it to.

got any questions? your guesses are good as mine!

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Here are some more Lv10 pets (might've duped, i was too lazy to double check) And i don't think pets give you 60 atk o_o






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omg where is the ninjaaaaaaa

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No Meow Ninja ? D: Mine's halfway to Lv. 6.

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Havoc's guide is quite old o.o

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Holy crap is a level 10 Dire Boar pet THAT BIG?

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Here are some more Lv10 pets (might've duped, i was too lazy to double check) And i don't think pets give you 60 atk o_o


i see gough's pet behind that moley o-o