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04-04-2010, 08:54 AM
A GUIDE TO SKILLING FAST Original (http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/139/200807/24/5470,1.html?time=1216935198#tip38174)


Remember Skill EXP beads, Premium and Blessing bead pluses will also increase your rate on skilling.

Hi guys, I just want to share you my guide in skilling fast (Grinding). I made this guide short and simple so you wonít get confused. Sorry for my bad English.

Note: this is my first time posting a guide. All suggestions and corrections are greatly appreciated but please it should be in a polite manner ok?

Now letís get started.

As I play CabalSEA I noticed that level is not that important on this game as rank is. Rank is what made this game different from other MMORPGs (Massive-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and of course COMBOs. :D Anyways there are different kinds of gaining skill experience. To sum it all up, here are they.

1. Punching
2. Normal attacking
3. Training dummies
4. wearing adept gears
5. Spamming skills on monsters that gives you 0 exp. And lastly
6. COMBOing

Now letís discuss them 1 by 1 but before that, you must be wondering why we punch, doing normal attack etc. etc. The reason behind this is because we are aiming in getting skill exp leaving our level behind. If you guys donít still get it, it is what we call GRINDING.

1. Punching. Why punching? Most players (Force Bladers and Force Shielders) do this trick in gaining skill exp because if you punch a monster, both sword and magic will get the exp at the same rate. If youíre going to observe it, punching a monster will slow you level right? But punching a monster will level your skill fast, you know why? Because skill exp is based on the number you punch or use your skill and not on how strong your damage is.

Do some dungeon quest and go punching all the way until you run out of time. Hahaha. Sounds weird right? But this is effective. Punch doors and monsters until you run out of time. Bad news is that youíll get an exp penalty (e.g. -1000exp) but the good news is you gained skill exp without leveling. Hahaha

Note: Do not punch a monster that gives you 0 exp. Yes, if youíre going to observe your skill exp bar, punching a monster that gives you 0 exp wont give you skill exp at all. So donít punch a monster with a white colored name or a red colored name. Always look at you exp bar, if the monster gives you at least 1 exp every punch much better.

2. Using Normal attack. I have observed that normal attacking a monster will give you skill exp on both your magic and sword. Wear a blade or a katana, adept much better. Its like punching but a bit faster. Always watch for you level exp gain if the monster gives you 0 exp, leave that monster alone and find a monster that gives you at least 1 exp.

3. Training Dummies. Iím not really sure about this one. I have seen on other forums that if your level is below 100, you can only gain 30% of the total bar for your rank. Meaning, if youíre a regular and you need to fill up 1/64 so you can rank up to expert, you can only gain 30% of that 64 on training dummies. Itís really hard to explain it in English language hahaha. Anyways, level 100 and above you can gain 100% of the total bar for your rank just by training dummies. On this section Iím not quite sure about this one.

4. Wearing adept gears will boost your skill exp. + using some combos or punching or skilling will give you the added bonus skill exp depending on the adept gears you are wearing.

5. Skilling a monster that gives you 0 exp. Yes itís the reverse version of punching. You can gain skill exp faster than punching. Why? Itís because you are using skills.. haha no more further info regarding this section. Just do what I say.

6. Last but not the least, COMBOing. COMBOing is the best and fastest way of gaining skill exp among the other that I mentioned. Some can get a full bar in 5 minutes, others in just 3 mins depending on your style on comboing. In COMBOing, if you got an excellent score you can get additional 30% skill exp, 10% for good, and 0% for bad. In COMBOing, I advise you to use 3 level 9 novice skills and try COMBOing mobs for at least 15 or above combos and youíll see the difference.

Well, I hope I helped you guys somehow,,, this is the last part of my guide.. hope you learned something from this guide,, thanks for readingÖ just remember,,, grind grind and grind and make you character the strongest character of them all.. ^_^ Thereís no such thing as weak characters, itís on the playerís style. Make you own style and youíll enjoy cabal a whole lot better ^_^

04-04-2010, 09:59 AM
Might want to add in that everyone can use dummies now.

04-04-2010, 10:07 AM
ur guides need to be updated GG

04-04-2010, 10:08 AM
ur guides need to be updated GG

He knows...

It would help if you pointed out what needs to be updated...

04-07-2010, 06:22 PM
Heres the new best and fast way to skill grind! :D

1) From levels 1-40+, buy a bunch of MP pots and bot at dummys
2) Do each rank up every 10 levels to remove the restriction if you have reached the limit.
3) Starting at levels 40+, BUY ADEPT GEAR with AT LEAST +3 Skill EXP
4) Bot at dummys!
5) Bot at dummys!
6) Bot at dummys!

That is all you need to do. No more punching, comboing, tedious hours of skilling, and no more level 30 dual transcender people! xD

Also, every time you bot at dummys, make sure you apply your "Colony Trainee" title, which gives Skill EXP+3. (To do this, press "C", then click "Title", then look for it.)

One more thing, please bot in a NON-PK CHANNEL (channels that are in green at the log-in screen) Otherwise, you will nost likely find yourself dead in the middle of your afk skill grinding. (Don't look at me :3)