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Welcome to the world of Wizard!

Since most of the WI guide these days are pretty out of date and doesn't explain small detail, I'm making a new Basic WI guide. Hopefully this will help you gasp a basic idea of how to build a good WI base while spending the least amount of alz possible.

I know this guide is very long, but I put a lot of works in it, and I try to be as specific and as detail as possible. If you don't want to read it all, just skip to the part you need.

Here are some short terms I use regularly, so you better get used to it before reading this guide:
Atk = Attack
Magic = Magic Attack
Crit = Critical
Rate = Critical Rate
Def = Defend
Dmg = Damage
M.Amp = Magic Amp
S.Amp = Sword Amp

PvP = Player vs Player
PvE = Player vs Environment

Dps = Damage per second (It’s basically means the damage you do in 1 second)
AoE = Area of Effect

Mobs = Monsters
BM = Battle Mode

Those term are used very commonly in game, so you might already know them all ^-^

So here goes…


Overall about WI:

1. Pros:
- High Base Magic, which makes them break opponent’s Def much better compare to FA.
- Very high range attacks, only second to FA.
- Good dps.
- Good AoE like any sword class.
- Travel speed is about 1.5 times more than other classes thanks to Blink.
- Godly SP buff. Once you reach 150+, every other class wants to do dungeon with you.
- Perfect stun lock combo to farm mobs.

2. Cons:
- Extremely low Def. Have lowest Def base in Cabal. Make them very fragile and easy to die, especially when going dungeon.
- Extremely low HP. Have lowest HP base in Cabal
- Not a solo class.
- Require very skillful player to control Wizard in order to be pro.
- Not much buffs to help in dungeon, unless you’re going with a FA.

That’s basically it.
If you prefer to be left alone, can’t control speed, easily rage when you die a lot, then WI is NOT for you.
If you like to run around, love overpower and nice looking skills, loves to hang out, then welcome aboard!

- Wiz is not a solo class, so the best way is to get a same lvl FA to level up with you, especially when you reached lvl 35+and can start doing dungeon. WI + FA = Best Duo.

- From level 1-100, it’s best for you to find a high level WI or FA (lvl 100+), and ask them for the following Buffs:
WI Buffs:
Hardness (Strengthen Equipments) – Gives 29 Def
Force Increase (Strengthen Spirit) – Gives 315 Hp and 315 Mp
High Regeneration (Strengthen Body) – Gives 70 Hp auto restore every 2 sec

FA Buffs:
Mana Condense (Strengthen Spirit) – Gives 29 Magic
Precision (Strengthen Atk Skill) – Give 400 Atk Rate
Vital Force (Strengthen Body) – Give 315 Hp
Offensive Bless (Strengthen General Attack) – Gives 20 Magic, 20 Atk, 300 Atk Rate
Repulsive Armor (Strengthen Equipments) – Gives 240 Def Rate

Remember that two skills with the same “Strengthen” cannot be used together until you’re lvl 140+.
If you have both FA and WI buff you, only get Hardness from WI, and get the rest of buffs from FA except for Repulsive Armor.

The Basic Formula

Many people mistake that getting good gears is the only thing to worry about. I’m here to tell you, it’s not. To make a good character from the very beginning and save a bunch of extra alz, this is the order of what to worry first and last about when making a new character:

Stat Distribution > Skills > Upgrade Skills > Gears > Weapons > Accessories

This guide is made base on the order above. If you get this order right, you will lower your cost of making a new char by a lot!

Basically, this order means:
Step 1: Distribute your Stat point to Int, Dex, Str by the right amount.
Step 2: Buy and Level up the right Skills.
Step 3: Buy the right Upgrade skills to maximize your base.
Step 4: Buy gears to be able to survive mobs.
Step 5: Buy weapons to higher your damages.
Step 6: Buy accessories (rings, amulets,…) as booster to reach highest possible potential.

Here is why you should follow this order:
- Each Int, Dex, Str point gain you a different point on Magic, Atk, Def, Def Rate, Atk Rate. Stat is extremely expensive to fix, and get a lot more expensive when you throw in random points. But once it’s fixed to the perfect stat, it can follow you forever.
- Buying a new skill is expensive, but every time you downgrade a skill, also it costs you a lot of money. Getting the right level for the right skills will save you extra alz for your new gears!
- At lower levels, Upgrade Skills give you a lot more than gear could gives you. Also getting the right skill save you a bunch of alz!
- Gears, weapons, accessories will change as you level up. And to achieve your dream gears it will take a long journey, so take it slow.
- You have to be able to survive before you can hit anything, and before you can hit hard, so Gears > Weapons > Accessories.

Stat Distribution

Here is the Stat Converter Chart for WI. Remember every class has different Stat converter so you can't use this chart for other classes.

per stat----STR----DEX----INT
Atk Rate---0.40---1.75----0.40

- The main stat of Wiz is Int. The more Int the more Magic it gives you. Dex and Str should be as low as your gears/weapon require.
- At lvl 109, a perfect stat build for war to be able to wear Topaz Orbs and Osm gears is 57 Dex, 113 Str and the rest of points goes to Int.
- Remember, at each skill rank up you have extra Dex, Int and Str, which means even if you add point right, your Stat will still be a lot off compare to perfect stat. A WI can never achieve perfect stat unless use Extract Potion (which are extremely expensive, so the less you have to use the better).
- If you have already fulfill the next Rank-up Stat Requirement (hit C on your key board to check out your char's info and Stat Requirement), then do NOT add anymore point on Dex or Str. Only add point to Int from then on.
- Do NOT worry about not having enough Dex or Str for higher gear. With bonus Stat point every time you rank up, when you reach 100+ and have all Skill Rank-up, your Dex and Str will be waaaaay too high already without you adding more to it.

Wizard Skills

Here is some basic things you should know before buying skills:
-The higher level a skill is, the more Skill Point it required to level up. Here is the chart of Skill Point require for each level:
Lvl 1-9 : used 1 skill point per lvl
Lvl 10-12 : used 2 skill point per lvl
Lvl 13-15 : used 3 skill point per lvl
Lvl 16-18 : used 5 skill point per lvl
Lvl 19-20 : used 10 skill point per lvl
Which means, in order to max a skill, you need 58 Skill Points in total.
- Your cool down time for each Magic Skill will change as you level it up. The fastest cool down time is at lvl 9.
- Every time you level a skill up, it will cost more MP to activate it.
- When you reach Transcender, you will have a total of 26 Skill Slots in Magic Tab, and 21 Skill Slots in Sword Tab.
- Remember, quests also give you skill books, so does weaken dungeons, so don’t try to buy every skill right away or you will find yourself having 2 same skill books and end up throwing one away.

I was going to do how many slot added you get per Skill Rank-Up and how many point per Rank, but personally, I don’t remember… Which means, to fill it out, I would have to remake a totally new WI, which right now I don’t have time to. So if you find yourself getting short on slot or point then please notify me so I can fix the level of skill in this guide.

And here come your skills to get each time you reach a new Skill Rank:

Skill Rank: Novice (lvl 1-10)
Burning Hand (Magic Skill) – This will be you Dummy Skilling skill later, which is why it will follow you until you’re max Transcender. Get it to lvl 9 and use it to hit for now. When you’re max Trans, delete this.

Freeze (Magic Skill) – Same as Burning Hand

Regeneration (Buff Skill) (Strengthen Body) – This skill will not do you any good once you reach lvl 50+ or so, but for now it helps a lot. Get it to max as fast as you can, and use it as much as you can, unless you have a high level buff from other people (lvl 4 is the max for it)

Fade Step (Warp Skill) – This is a Sword Warp Skill, which will go to your Sword Slots and doesn’t affect your Magic Slots. Get this to max 9 as quick as you can (lvl 9 is max for any Warp Skill), and leave it there until you’re at least lvl 30. At low level, using Warp Skill will eat up a lot of your MP and you will end up spending a lot of alz just for MP.

Skill Rank: Apprentice (lvl 10-30)
Big Bomb (Magic Skill) – Get this because it’s your only AoE skill for now. Leave it at lvl 1 and delete it later on any time you need slot for other skills.

Dash (Warp Skill) - This is a Sword Warp Skill, which will go to your Sword Slots and doesn’t affect your Magic Slots. Get this to max 9 as quick as you can (lvl 9 is max for any Warp Skill), and leave it there until you’re at least lvl 30. At low level, using Warp Skill will eat up a lot of your MP and you will end up spending a lot of alz just for MP.

Skill Rank: Regular (lvl 30-40)
Weaken (Debuff Skill) – This is an optional skill, which means you don’t have to have it. But it helps a lot in Dungeon and War so I have it anyway. Get it to lvl 20 if you decide to have it.

Tera Lance (Magic Skill) – Get this up to lvl 9 and use it right away. Forget about Big Bomb, Burning Hand and Freeze once you got this skill. You can level it up to 12, 15, 18, 20 anytime you feel like you need more damage, but my advice is not before you reach at least lvl 70.

Fire Lance (Magic Skill) – Same as Tera Lance

Aqua Lance (Magic Skill) – Same as Tera Lance

This leaves you Freezing Lance (Magic Skill) to add later on when you’re max Trans, lvl 100+. Max it to lvl 20 when you get it.

Skill Rank: Expert (lvl 40-50)
Hardness (Buff Skill) (Strengthen Equipment) – This is the one of the two main buff of WI. Get it as fast as you can and level it up to max as quickly as you can.

Stone Cannon (Magic Skill) – Get this up to lvl 9 and use it right away. You can level it up to 12, 15, 18, 20 anytime you feel like you need more damage, but my advice is not before you reach at least lvl 70.

Skill Rank: A. Expert (lvl 50-60)
Energy Field (Magic Skill) – This will be the first of your stun lock combo. Get it to lvl 9 as fast as you can, and leave it at 9 forever for quick stun.

This leaves you Vacuum (Magic Skill) to get when you’re max Trans lvl 100+. Max it to lvl 20 when you get it.

Chain Explosion (Magic Skill) – This is an optional skill. It could stay in your skill later on depend if you have extra Slot and Point. You could get this skill now and leave it at lvl 1, it would be a big help for now.

Sharpness (Buff Skill) (Strengthen Weapon) – This is an optional skill. You could get this later on, when you have extra Slot and Point, not now. It doesn’t do WI any good, but you can use it to buff for sword class people.

Skill Rank: Master (lvl 60-70)
Hail Storm (Magic Skill) – This is a must have skill for your Bm2. Get it to 9 for now, and when you’re 100+ max it to lvl 20.

Blink (Warp Skill) – Upgrade it to max and use it right away. Save you a bunch of time to travel, however will eat up a lot of your Mp.

Force Increase (Buff Skill) – This is the main buff for WI. Get it to lvl 20 as fast as you can and use it.

This leaves you Resist Intention (Buff Skill) (Strengthen Spirit) to get when you’re higher level. In fact, don’t bother about this skill until you’re level 140 and above.

Skill Rank: A.Master (lvl 70-80)
Arctic Field (Magic Skill) – For me, this is a must have skill for Bm2, however, a lot of people leave it out. If you decide to get it, upgrade it to lvl 9, and later on when you’re full trans lvl 100+ then max it to lvl 20.

High Regeneration (Short Buff Skill) (Strengthen Body) – This buff doesn’t last long, but very useful. Get it to lvl 20 when you can.

Skill Rank: G.Master (lvl 80-90)
Extreme Dual Cannon (Magic Skill) – One of the magic attack that you will use the most. Get this right away, and get to lvl 9 as fast as you can. Leave it at lvl 9, and when you're full Trans you have choices of lvl 12, 15, 18, 20.

Spirit Intention (Party Buff Skill) (Strengthen General Attack) – This buff does nothing for dungeon, but extremely useful in war or pk. Also you cannot use this skill unless you’re in a party and your party member is within its range. My advice is don’t buy this until you are full Trans.

Skill Rank: Completer (lvl 90-100)
Space Collapse (Magic Skill) – Get this right away and leave it at lvl 9 until you are max Trans. Then level it up to 20.

Mass Restore (Short Party Buff Skill) – This buff is very useful, but can’t be used unless you’re with and party member is in its range. Unless you go with party a lot, don’t get it until you’re full Trans.

Skill Rank: Transcender (lvl 100 and above)
Meteorite (Magic Skill) – Get this right away. This is the best dps skill of WI. When possible get it to either 12, 15, 18, 20, it’s your choice.

Art of Force Control (Short Buff Skill) – Get this right away and max it out. This buff gives you a lot but it doesn’t last long. Max it when you can.

Raise Spirit (Short Party Buff Skill) (Strengthen Attack Skill) – Here come your godly SP buff. Everyone want to party WI just because of this. Max it to 20 as fast as you can.


Now you’re full Trans, you could delete Burning Hand, Freeze, and Big Bomb, and then add the missing skills in. Your skills Slot should look something like this:

1. Magic Skills

Here are the main skills and levels that I currently use on my wizzies:

Terra Lance (lvl 20)
Aqua Lance (lvl 20)
Fire Lance (lvl 20)
Freezing Lance (lvl 20)
Stone Cannon (lvl 20)
Energy Field (lvl 9)
Vacuum (lvl 20)
Hail Storm (lvl 20)
Arctic Field (lvl 20)
Extreme Dual Cannon (lvl 12)
Meteorite (lvl 12 on my t2 wiz, and lvl 18 on my 16x wix)
Space Collapse (lvl 20)

Magic Skills explanation:
- All of the cannons and lances has to be lvl 20. They has very low casting time and cool down time. In combo, if you put them in lower lvl, you wouldn't re-cast it anyway, so might as well max it out for highest dmg possible.
- Artic Field, Hail Storm, Vaccuum are only used while you're in BM2, so max it to lvl 20 to bring out its full potential.
- Energy Field has lowest casting time plus 5sec of stunning, but it has very bad dmg, so only leave it at lvl 9 for stun.
- Space Collapse is only used for stun or as finisher in combo, so lvl it to 20 to max out the damage given.
- For Extreme Dual Cannons and Meteorite, you have choices of lvl 12, 15, 18 or 20. Here's why:
+ When pvp, you usually kill an opponent in around 6-10 combos, which means you only going to run through those two skills once (assuming they have same lvl and gears with you). Many people would like to put it at 18 or 20 to have highest damage possible when you run through it.
+ I personally put them at 12 on my t2 wiz (warring tier 2, lvl 109), because on war I usually has to repeat those skills many time, which means I need cool down low enough to not break my combo. Also Meteorite is the best dps skill of wiz, so I want to be able to use it as much as possible.
+ In my 16x wiz, I pvp a little more, so I put Meteorite at lvl 18 for it to give out more damage. But please note that if you comboTera>Fire>Aqua>Stone>Extreme>Meteor, at the 2nd time when you repeat that combo, Meteorite won't be cooled down. You would have to skip it and wait until the 3rd circle to be able to use Meteorite again.

2. Buff Skills:
Hardness (lvl 20)
Force Increse (lvl 20)
High Regenation (lvl 20)
Mass Restore (lvl 20)
Spirit Intention (lvl 20)
Resist Intention (lvl 9)
Raise Spirit (lvl 20)
Sharpness (lvl 20, This is an optional skill. It does not give WI any good, but sword class people really appreciate it. I have it anyway since I run a guild and do a lot of dungeons with other people)

3. Debuff Skill:
Weaken (lvl 20, This is an optional skill. You don't need it, but it's good for dungeon run)

4. Warping Skills:
Blink (lvl 9)
Fade step (lvl 9)
Dash (lvl 9)

Thanks to spamming those 3 skills, WI running speed is around 1.5 times faster than other class. It saves you a lot of times, as well as save you in war and pk.

5. Upgrade Skills:
Vitality Mastery
Defensive Sense
Force Control
Ruling Force
Damage Absorbs

The last slot can be filled by one of these two:

Mana Mastery (only if you are a war farmer)
Sixth Sense (Can be use for both war and PvE)

The reason I didn't mention about Upgrade Skill earlier is because it's depend on your budget to get Upgrade Skills. If you don't have enough, don't worry about it yet. But you will have to fill them in eventually. The order above is the order of what you should get first to last in Upgrade Skills.


Skills Combos

Everyone could have different combo for themselves, but here are the ones that I'm currently using.

a. Pve stun lock:
Energy Field
Space Collapse
Extreme Dual Cannons
Artic Field (put at end as a filler in case those previous skill don't cool down on time)

This stun lock series is good for 1 vs many mobs in order to stun/down them and steal HP. You don't need to combo while using those skills. Very bad in 1 vs 1 because it has bad dps (damage per second).

b. Pve combo vs boss: (This is optional. You can use PvP or PvE combo o for boss, doesn't matter)
Stone Cannon
Terra Lance
Fire Lance
Aqua Lance
Freezing Lance (as a filler in case this combo doesn't cool down on time)
Extreme Dual Cannons
Space Collapse

c. Pvp combo:
Extreme Dual Cannons (use at first to raise your chance of stunning the opponent)
Terra Lance
Fire Lance
Aqua Lance
Freezing Lance
Meteorite (could be use as finisher)
Space Collapse (could be use as finisher)

d. War combo:
Terra Lance
Fire Lance
Aqua Lance
Freezing Lance
Stone Cannon
Extreme Dual Cannons
Space Collapse

I made this combo especially for my t2 wiz, because pvp combo even though is strong, but very easy to break, especially when you're clumsy and always have lag like me.

Usually I would throw a Space Collapse at first to stun. Also it hits around 2.5k dmg, so usually my opponent would start running away after seeing that. ^-^ Then I do a normal combo from Terra Lance to Meteorite and repeat until break.

Also I usually use this combo while pvp with FA or WI with either one of the last skills as finisher.

e. Bm2 skills:
Pretty much all of those listed skill throw in together, starting with Energy Field, Space Collapse, Meteorite, Extreme Dual Cannons and then follow by all the skills you have left.

Do NOT throw any cannons into your BM2 tab. Cannons have very high knock-back and will throw mobs off of your range, which give you higher change of dying.

f. Bm3 combos:
At lvl 130, you can start doing quests to get Bm3. For the first stage, it requires 40 Stain Clones (quest item), which you can receive by doing quest of Minestra Traning Cubes.

In Bm3, we have 2 normal attacks that I’ll call A and B, and Fatal attack in 3 stages.
There are 3 combos in bm3, and here is a rough explanation on what you receive on each combo you make:

Amp Combo: A A B A
Lose: -300HP, - 300MP
Gain: 10% Magic Amp

Crit Combo: A B A A
Lose: -4% Def
Gain: 30% Crit

Debuff Combo: B A A B
Lose: -400 HP
Gain: -25% Resist Crit for your opponent.

Fatal attack is used to activate the effect for those combos. You can either use Fatal at the end of each combo, or choose a random 2 combos or stack 3 combos together before hitting a fatal.

For exaple you could do:
Crit Combo = (A B A A) + Fatal
and receive 30% Crit while losing 4% def


Crit Combo + Amp Combo = (A B A A) + (A A B A) + Fatal
and receive 30% Crit + 10% Amp while losing 300 Hp, 300 Mp and 4% Def

Basically you can see
30% Crit > -25% Opponent Resit Crit > 10% Amp
Which means Crit Combo > Debuff Combo > Amp Combo

In war, however, Debuff Combo target the opponent, which mean whoever hitting the same opponent as you also hit harder by 25% Crit (Just like a debuff). Help your nation kill faster.

Note that:
- Fatal has no effect on the combo. The only thing it does is to activate combos. So it doesn't matter which Fatal you use. However a Fatal on each higher stage deal more damage by itself.
- You can stack up to 3 positive combo effects or 6 negative effects.
- Each effect only last for 8 sec. You lose 1.2 sec for each A or B attack, which means a total of 4.8 sec per combo, plus 2.0 sec per Fatal.

I personally use:
(Crit Combo + Fatal) (Amp Combo + Debuff Combo + Crit Combo + Fatal) Repeat.

Gears, Weapons, Accesorries

1. War Wizard Gears:
A war WI focus on Booster (such as Amp, Crit, Rate). Also the more Magic, HP and Def the better.
Gear and Weapon:
- Amp in boot, hand and suit with HP in slot. Helm could be either Amp or Crit. Some WI also use rate Crit Rate in helm.
- Amp, Crit and Crit rate in Orbs.
- The higher HP, Amp, Crit, Rate the better.
- Amulet of Pain+? or Amulet of Battler+?
- Three Ring of luck +1 and one Critical Ring+1 or higher
- Two Bracelet of Sage+? (Earring depend on your lvl)
- Bike or board
- Bell of Damp+? or Bell of Prevent+?
- Epaulet of Sage+?

2. Dungeon Wizard Gears:
- A dungeon Wiz can focus on Booster (same thing as war gear), Defend, or become Hybrid.
- Booster gear like war gives a lot more damage, help killing much faster, but gives very little Def. You die a lot more and it almost impossible to run some dungeons with this gear.
- Def gear has very low attack and mostly impossible to win pvp or war.

Booster gear:
- Exact same gear as war gear
Def gear:
- Aim for full Forcy helm, boots, suit, hand , the higher lvl the bettter.
- Half forcy, half osm/stit amp.

- Vampiric Amulet +?
- Two Vampiric Earring+?
- Two Bracelet of Sage +?
- Three Ring of Luck+1 and one Force Absorb Ring+1 or higher
- Belt of Defend or HP+? (I forgot the names)
- Bike or Board
- Epaulet of Sage+? or Epaulet of Guardian+?

Hope you enjoy this ^-^ Please tell me if any change should be made in this guide, or if you have any question.

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I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna murder you.

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Even though you don't specifically say it; your guide is suggesting you can not stack the same combo in bm3 such as abaa+abaa+abaa fatal.
Stacking the same combo gives less effect each time but it works. Here is what my wiz gets with a base of 150cdi:
abaa+Fatal=180cdi (the full 30cdi)
abaa+abaa+Fatal=195cdi (15cdi instead of 30)
abaa+abaa+abaa+Fatal=205cdi (10cdi instead of 15)

I am not saying that a triple cdi is the best way to go. But on a high rate wiz 15cdi>10amp in my opinion

My combo personally is baab+abaa+abaa+Fatal; This gives me 45cdi and 25cdi resist on the targets, basically giving me 70cdi and my whole PT 25cdi. This also only makes you lose 400hp and 6%def.

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You left out LVL 9 HYDRO DISK BRO!