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This post will talk about 3 major topics.

1 = Calculation of "total power" for any attack skills
2 = Comparison between (M)ATK and (M)AMP, their significance
3 = <exciting?> How to estimate the damage done to your opponents (mobs and especially other players)!!

(brief) DISCLAIMER :
Again, I am playing Cabal Taiwan,
and here I assume all these calculations also work in other Cabals.


1. Total power of an attack skill

This is not very important,
because you don't need to really calculate it everytime.
But I still need to talk about it ~
as this will be the prerequisite for topics 2 and 3 !!

Now let's get to the point ~

Have you ever noticed,
whenever you launch an attack,
there will be a bracketed number next to your (M)ATK value ??

For example you will see:

ATK 924(2377)
MATK 472


ATK 924
MATK 472(1048)

This bracketed number is the "total power" of that attack ~
at least this is what I called.

To calculate this is easy,
here is the formula:

Power = ATK x (Skill.AMP + Other.AMP) + Extra.ATK

Other.AMP is something like AMP you get from your gear/equipment, and/or AMP from buff skills such as Blader's +25% Sword-AMP.

For example,
my ATK=924 MATK=472
my Sword AMP from my gear is totally 18% ( = 0.18 )
Blade Cry Lv.19 ( AMPx1.80 ATK+548.2 )

then my power for Blade Cry is
power = 924 x (1.80 + 0.18) + 548.2
power = 2377.72

We have to truncate (cut off numbers after the decimal point)
(that means to round it down but NOT up)

that's why the bracketed number (2377).

Same goes for my Earth Canon Lv.20 ( AMPx1.95 ATK+128.3 )

Power = 472 x 1.95 + 128.3
power = 1048.7

Notice that the Total AMP here is 1.95 only
but NOT 1.95 + 0.18
since my 18% AMP is Sword AMP,
while Earth Canon is a Magic Skill ~

One thing to note,
even if you are a blader/wizard and you activated your AMP+25% buff, the bracketed number will not change
my Blade Cry will still be 2377
but it's power will actually be
Power = 924 x (1.80 + 0.18 + 0.25) + 548.2
power = 2608.72

It is just that the bracketed number will not take the effect for AMP boost from buffs
but that doesn't mean the 25% AMP has no effect ~!!

================================================== ========

2. ATK vs AMP

Which one is better?
It is very obvious.

In Cabal Taiwan,
when filling in either ATK or AMP in 1 slot,
we are talking about ATK+4 or AMP+5%
If you craft a gear,
it may be ATK+8 to ATK+16 or AMP+3% to AMP+7%

I believe most of us know
AMP is more significant than ATK

let's compare them, by maths !!

To stress the importance of AMP,
(also which is the reason why AMP gears are much more expensive ...)
and to make things fair,
we will compare AMP+10% and ATK+10

Consider my Wizard
MAMP=3% (from Epaulet of Sage +6)
G.M.Skill Lv.9 ( AMPx1.70 MATK+626.00 )

Power = 728 x (1.70 + 0.03) + 626
Power = 1885.44

If we add 3% (Magic)AMP:
Power = 728 x (1.70 + 0.03 + 0.03) + 626
Power = 1907.28

If we add 8 MATK:
Power = (728 + 8) x (1.70 + 0.03) + 626
Power = 1899.28

Surely 1907 is greater than 1899 by 8,
so AMP+3% is a bit better than ATK+8

If we add 7% Magic AMP:
Power = 728 x (1.70 + 0.03 + 0.07) + 626
Power = 1936.4

If we add 16 MATK:
Power = (728 + 16) x (1.70 + 0.03) + 626
Power = 1913.12

1936 is greater than 1913 by 23,
so AMP+7% wins and ATK+16 loses

Finally, talk about slots ~~
In Cabal Taiwan,
A slot can be filled by ATK+4 or AMP+5%
I heard in other Cabals they are ATK+2 and AMP+7% ???
But let us test the ATK+4 / AMP+5% first

Power = 728 x (1.70 + 0.03 + 0.05) + 626
Power = 1921.84

Power = (728 + 4) x (1.70 + 0.03) + 626
Power = 1892.36

1921 is greater than 1892 by 29
So in terms of slot,
AMP+5% is better than ATK+4
The difference will be much greater if the case is
AMP+7% vs ATK+2
By how much?
I'll leave it to you as an exercise =P

So, you know the difference ~~
And that's why AMP is so valuable ~~

However, as you may have noticed
Your basic (M)ATK is multiplied by the AMP
so, for each percent (=1%) of AMP,
the higher your (M)ATK, the more significant your AMP is ~~
so AMP+1% is more worthy for Warriors/Bladers
but less worthy for Force Shielder ~

================================================== ========

3. <!FINALLY!> How to calculate damage done?

Let me say something first
you don't need to calculate this everytime
and, to be honest, you don't need to calculate these at all.
To know if an attack skill deals much damage,
just do it and see,
just feel it, and that is enough.

But here, I am presenting a ROUGHLY-accurate way to estimate the damage done for any skills to any opponents,
is partly for fun and partly because I think someone here may be interested in it ~

Here is the SIMPLIFIED formula:
(I don't want to make it too complicated to understand)
(The "full-version" will be introduced at the end of this post)

DMG = (Power - DEF) / 4

This is an oversimplified one,
and it actually does NOT work for the following:
- Blade Scud [Blader, Grand Master]
- Lightning Slash [Blader, Completer]
- Whirlwind [Warrior, Grand Master]
- Infernal Impact [Force Blader, Grand Master]
- Assassinate [Force Blader, Completer]
- Shooting Star [Force Archer, Completer]

Despite that, the core concept is included,
the most important thing is the "divided-by-4" thing.
If you hit a player, the divided-by-4 is needed.
If you are hitting a mob, just throw away the divided-by-4.

Recall my own Blade Cry,
whose power is 2377,
if my opponent has 753 DEF

DMG = (2377 - 750) / 4
DMG = 1627 / 4
DMG = 406.75

Note that,
if you are fighting a mob,
your damage done will be 1627
If you are fighting a player (e.g. in PvP)
your damage will be 406 (rounded down).
And these values are, of course, done by non-critical hits!!

So what happends to those skills such as Lightning Slash ??
It is no big deal =P

If hitting a mob, using the above listed skills:
DMG = (Power - DEF) x 2

If hitting a player, using the above listed skills:
DMG = (Power - DEF) x 1.25 / 4

Take me as an example again:
ATK=924 AMP=18%
Lightning Slash Lv.9 ( AMPx1.70 ATK+799.50 )

Power = 924 x (1.70 X 0.18) + 799.50
Power = 2536.62

~ PvE ~
DMG = (2536 - 750) x 2
DMG = 3572

~ PvP ~
DMG = (2536 - 750) x 1.25 / 4
DMG = 558.125

That's the case ~~

OK, here is the complete formula...

DMG for PvE = Power - DEF + Add.DMG
result x2 for skills listed above

DMG for PvP = (Power - DEF + Add.DMG) / 4 x (1 - Min.DMG)
result x1.25 for skills listed above

That explains why Bladers Art of Fierceness (DMG+400)
only have the effect of DMG+100 in PvP

and I would like to explain that Min.DMG thing
The full name is Minimal Damage +??
and it seems to mean to increase the lowest possible DMG of any of your skills by the amount of "??"...

For example, if my Blade Cry does a damage from 402 to 410
Min.DMG +1 will alter the range to "403 to 410"

BUT I am not sure about this because
IN CABAL TAIWAN the translation is somethat like
"Reduce Damage received (ion percentage)"
to which I interpret it as,
if I have 10% Min.DMG,
then an originally 100-HP Damage attack
will do a 90-HP damage to me
because of the 10% Min.DMG (only 90% left)

That's why in my equation,
I have the x (1 - Min.DMG in percentage) thing...
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Umm.. at least give credit to Ionescel from CabalTaiwan who wrote the original guide?

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Umm.. at least give credit to Ionescel from CabalTaiwan who wrote the original guide?

Source and Credit is already in there XD.

The credit isn't directly stated but it's there. Check out the last line.

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nice i like it and never new that cabal rounded down that would have been nice to know

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Guides a bit outdated and outlines all the basics. Only thing thats really wrong is the orange texts.