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08-20-2012, 06:27 PM
Pertinent changes:

Basic (only at Chloe in PL) Chloe's token (daily)

no more hp pots
no perfect cores yet
no unbind craftable item yet*
seh (lv 6 in old crafting) was not retained in this new system
no more crafting form cards (given pots of luck alz for them)
lv 4 pots included
sehh included
fury (sp) is capped at lv3
stain clone (tradeable) craftable
mirror stone --- green to pink
familiar mineral is now cheap (from lv9 basic craft to master amp lv1)

1. sux it up for those who used to craft 999 hp pots. You have to spend more alz from grocers.
2. Why did they come up with patchnotes (not in NA) which included pch's and unbinding stones?
3. Whatever happened to the level 6 seh of the old? Now we need 250 tokens just to get a seh registered or 5b?
4. and sehh is like another 2 years + worth of saving tokens lol or drain 15b.
Suggestion: make tokens available in cs or account binding at best, not cb. Neither should it be tradeable like it is now.
But add too an option to make it unbound like stain clones.
5. Wth is the familir mineral for now? lol lv1 master pots? it used to be the most coveted drop in order to start lv9 crafting
but now worth sheet. I'm not complaining though^^

Prof crafting (still "f") Master's and Craftsman tokens (daily)

shape carts, no more distinction
no more proofs but certain level items need to be created before attempting other related crafts.
That constitutes the proofs by another term.
Opinion: the randomness now it seems is so "confusing" like you craft one thing but end up with something else.

Other stuff:

npc buybacks are cheaper. This is to encourage breaking.
Opinion: they shouldn't have done away with alz rewards when you break a long time ago.
No more Transmuters.
Just break items for materials (cores, fcp, ucp, option scrolls)

lotton coin (per map) + certs (npc) = potion of luck (alz)

new map lv180

new /dance3,/shuffle,/everydayimshuffling,/shuffledance (all the same)

20 favorites in ah

unbinding stuff*
Lycan/drei can now be traded (non char bound)

1. When do we get unbinding stone? It's supposed to be craftable?
2. Do lycans/drei, etc fall as unbound or in order to trade them you need to use the unbinding stones on them?

Heil quest? 4th warp, wth for? lol, nvm, don't answer that.

All for now.