View Full Version : Need help with the FS bm3 quest/craft

08-23-2012, 01:40 PM
As the title, i need to know everything i need for bm3 mats and stuff.. please post at will

08-23-2012, 03:20 PM
40 stain clones and some alz
for stain clones u can either buy them or do "minesta training books"

08-24-2012, 06:42 AM
You need 40 stain clones....

Cheap way to get them is do daily quest from instructor NPC in Port Lux....he'll give you a daily quest to go to MF, PF or PI where you'll have to kill about 145 of two different types of mobs (290 total for each run). This only gives you 1 stain clone per day however and hence why it's the cheap way as you pay no alz, just grinding (very boring if you ask me).

The other way (and the fastest way in my opinion) is grab some training books from the AH and run them for stain clones....one of the better ones to do in my opinion is DX dungeons on Hard (assuming your capable of completing them on that difficulty)...stay away from panic cave ones though...the worm can insta-kill you and end your dungeon run if you make a mistake. I like steamer crazy though, very easy, quick and fast...about 10 minutes tops...but guess it depends on your level and gear. Overall, on hard difficulty, you earn 3 stain clones per run so you'll need 14 runs (less if you mix in some daily missions). I spent about 90m for my entries for DX dungeons...though I had a bunch already so it may cost you between 100 - 150 million for 14 runs.

After you get the stain clones, you have to go buy the other parts to then craft the skill book....however, this has changed since last weeks update....you use to buy the stuff from alchemist and grocers in your classes starting town...but I think they switch it to the crafting merchant in port lux named chloe....she should sell them now....the price for the first two pieces is 30m and 10m I think...so you'll need 40m. Once you have the clones and the two parts from the npc, just right click on them to combine, then you'll have a BM3 skill book in your inventory...click it like any other skill book to learn BM3.

If you want fatal attack 2 and 3 for BM3, you'll need to go and earn 50 stain clones fatal attack 2 and 70 stain clones for fatal attack 3....then buy the 2nd and 3rd pieces from the crafting merchant and again combine...

Overall, it'll cost you either 40m and 40 days (if you go with daily quests) or nearly 200m and in however many days it takes you to run the dungeones if you go with dungeon runs.

OH and I almost forgot seeing as it's just only a week old....a new way to get stain clones is buy them from players who craft them...However, this is only a week old way to get them and probably isn't many or any for sell yet since the method is so new....basically a crafter has to go get 6 character binding stain clones and use the craft system to convert those into 5 tradeable ones.....considering the two methods above in getting character binding stain clones, I'd guess that these new converted stain clones may cost more than the dungeon run method above...so they'll probably go for about 100m per 5 or something like that...just thought I'd mention it as I have no idea what your bank account is like hehe...

08-30-2012, 09:05 PM
k thnx i tried the daily one already...what a pain in the ass