View Full Version : [NOTICE] Newly Released Items on Item Shop, May 20

[GM] DaisY
05-19-2010, 08:34 PM
Dear CABAL players,

New items are released on our Item Shop for your convenience.
Costumes and pets for this week are newly added as well.
Please check out the released items as:

Newly Added Items

1. Fury Potion (Level 3) 5ea
* Please notice that this item is available on our Item Shop from May 20 to June 16 Wed.


[Core Enhancer]
1. Core Enhancer (Highest) 1ea / 10ea
* The price of Core Enhancer (High) is discounted.

http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/Cores/Core_Enhancer_Highest.gif http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/Cores/Core_Enhancer_Highest_10ea.gif

*Please notice that this costume is available on our Item Shop from May 20 Thu to May 26 Wed.
1. Pastur Battle Set - 30 days / Permanent


Released Items for This Week
*Below items are available on our Item Shop from May 20 Thu to May 26 Wed.

1. Hip Hop Spirit - 30 days / permanent (Gift Box)


2. Suit of Freed 30 days / permanent (Gift box)

http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/Costumes/[Costume] Suit of Freed/Preview/Image/Costume_Freed_W.jpg
http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/Costumes/[Costume] Suit of Freed/Preview/Image/Costume_Freed_M.jpg

[War Costumes]
1. Uniform of Procyon (FB) 30 days / permanent (Gift box)


2. Uniform of Capella (FB) 30 days / permanent (Gift box)


1. Anima Lune - Woolly

http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/Pets/PetCard/Preview/Image/Anima Lune - Woolly.jpg

2. Anima Lune - Little Pery

http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/Pets/PetCard/Preview/Image/Anima Lune - Little Pery.jpg

3. Anima Lune - Red Garlie

http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/Pets/PetCard/Preview/Image/Anima Lune - Red Garlie.jpg

4. Anima Lune - Nipperlug

http://image.cabal.com/img/ItemShop/Pets/PetCard/Preview/Image/Anima Lune - Nipper Lug.jpg

CABAL Support Team