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I will show you how to calculate your maximum death penalty its very simple to calculate it, i was curious so i just experimented a bit,... i replied this to a post too, and than thought i might put it in here too,...
here is where i replied in short, the idea behind it:
http://forum.cabalonline.com/showpos...09&postcount=6 (http://forum.cabalonline.com/showpost.php?p=730809&postcount=6)
(here is where i replied it in "guide-style" coz i thought some people would like it as a bit of something more detailed)
http://forum.cabalonline.com/showpos...7&postcount=12 (http://forum.cabalonline.com/showpost.php?p=731157&postcount=12)
all credit goes to me,... ;-p if someone could verify this for other classes too, and maybe post screenshots,...
i will probably do that later too (when im bored enough to get over 600 death penalty again, coz i just got rid of the dp and i dont think i got screenshots from when i did it, (or theyr somewhere between over 300 screenshots of accountsellers/botters in my screenshot-folder (in the last 4 weeks or so), and im too lazy to scroll through em all to find the right ones ;-) )

step one:
take off all gear that gives hp or mp bonus (to make it simple, take off all gear, including board/epaulet/... too)

step two:
press "C" and than go to the tab "upgrade skills"
stand with your mouse on the vitality mastery skill and read the number thats written there
if you have the mana upgrade skill, remember that number too

step 3:
look at your hp now,
do that number minus the number of hp you gain from your hp-upgrade skill
the result you get is your "net amount of hp"
this amount is used to calculate your death penalty
do the same for mp if you want to know your mp death penalty too (if you got a mana-upg skill)

step 4:
multiply the net amount of hp you have calculated in step 3 by 0.4
the result you get now is the maximum amount of death penalty you can get for your hp at your current level
the net amount of mana you have, multiply that by 0.4 to get the max mp death penalty you can get

lets say you have 3200 hp when you have your gear on
step 1: take off all your gear
step 2: read your hp and mp amount: lets take for example that you got 2900 hp like this
step 3: read what amount of hp you gain from vitality mastery upgrade skill, to keep it simple lets say 400 hp you gain from it. this means you have 2900-400 = 2500 "net hp"
step 4: 2500 * 0.4 = 1000
this means you have a maximum death penalty of 1000
so you can have 1500 hp when you wear no gear and you have maximum death penalty

if you want to verify this:
i just went running in lakeside with mortalbane to get death penalty
when i died, just went back running to orcz in mortalbane
did this till my death penalty was maximally (when it doesnt rise anymore after 5 deaths in a row r so)
than i saw if i took the mana number and played with the numbers of my current amount of mana and my amount of "mana-dp" i saw that it was 40% of my max mana that i lost
than took off all gear and saw i came out a strange amount which wasnt that logical as a percentage or so,... than lookd at any possible reason, and found out that if it was a difrent percentage, that was a "round number" like 30% or so, it still wasnt the correct amount,... than lookd at my vitality mastery upgrade skill, and saw if i did away that number too, it came out exactly at 40% maximum death penalty.

i didnt verify yet if this percentage is class specific but i think its not,... for shielders it is 40%, and for other classes i assume its the same,... but that still needs to be verified,... if some people want to try this too,... (i could just make a noob char too, but if you have only 50 hp or so, its not very convincing ;p and you dont see that the hp bonusses you get from those level rankup quests you get every 10 levels dont affect the numbers) for shielders i verified this on my fs (level 130+ when i tested it) (the amount of hp you get per levelup is diffirent for fs/fb, wa/bl and fa/wi too, so maybe its 35% or 45% for those classes)

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Why would someone need to figure this out?

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Why would someone need to figure this out?

Seriously, we have more important things we need to test. Like monster attack vs increases in defense, class rank, etc. Time could be spent so much better on things we can actually use.

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Exactly xP
isnt monster attk vs def just 1 def = 1 monster attk? and 1 def = 1/4 player attack?

Damage = [ base attk x (amp) + add attk ] - def

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Exactly xP
isnt monster attk vs def just 1 def = 1 monster attk? and 1 def = 1/4 player attack?

Damage = [ base attk x (amp) + add attk ] - def

Monsters have a range of attack along with the not fully figured out "Absolute guard" system cabal has. But yes, it roughly seems to be monster attack - defense = how hard your hit, but theres still more we need to figure out to get a better idea.

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Gough have you ever made a how-to of your own? Or do you just copy+paste ones you find off the internet?

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well considering theres people that have way mroe intrest in the things themseves
i think they beat him to it really

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Gough have you ever made a how-to of your own? Or do you just copy+paste ones you find off the internet?

Just saving the work of those who already quit. It would be a shame to let their guides go to waste. Pretty much all these guides are ones that were found on OGP.

Just trying to give players something to help themselves with.

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Its a bot, not a troll. I used to see very similar ones all the time on IRC. They take your input and then give it back in a slightly altered form. What purpose they serve, I do not know.

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Why would someone need to figure this out?