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05-23-2010, 10:43 PM
Hey everyone :)
Since my main account got ban i started to play my WA on my other account until my main gets unblocked
i got a 11x WA Capella side i seem to crit 2k with legy on a 129 WA with legy + bm1& i hit around 6-7k on guards
i was just wondering what could i change to hit harder
my noobie gear on wa
osm armor suit of amp+3 s.amp5 100hp
tit armor helm 4/20+6
Osm GS 8/40+5
Shineguard boots +0 4 amp
Shineguard gloves +6 4amp
Amulet of battler+5
Protection Earring+1x2
Bracelet of brute+1x2
crit ring+1

Attk 737
Def 631
with out buffs

any help would be nice:)
Thanks :)