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05-24-2010, 12:27 AM
Honestly, this game doesn't have much depth. I've played since OB, and love this game. But I still want to point out that this game does have problems. Granted, I do know this is a FREE game. I do not expect much, but I can at least make a few suggestions based off a complete biased opinion. Right?

Let me start by naming 5 things that are great in my eyes;
1. There is an entertaining amount of build combinations, complimented by a combo system in PvP.

2. The graphics are pretty enjoyable to my eyes. Granted, this doesn't affect gameplay, but it is still an element to Cabal.

3. Battle Mode/Auras- this gives a refreshment to your every day grind/PvP/NW/etc. I love to sync it with metal choruses. Although it does eventually get old after 1k+ BM2s, it still is a plus.

4. Class balance. Go flame me all you want because you I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ against Warriors in pvp or what ever, but I still say that all the classes are balanced by being strong and weak in different areas. Things can never be PERFECTLY balanced, ever. But still =).

5. Nation War. I have mixed feelings on this, (explained later on) but it is still something that represents cabal in my mind.

There are many other pros, and more important ones at that. Those are just a few on my mind right now.

Well let's look at a few of my ideas on what to improve, revamp, and change for the better. Obama ftw <3

Nation War
This is broken. Initially...it was a very fun and refreshing event to do daily, but it has always lacked innovation. Why not rotate different types of Nation war every few days, or have it be randomized each time?

How to do it;
My first idea for change concerning Nation War, is adding a new type of Nation War. For anyone who plays Halo or Call of Duty, you can relate Nation War to Territories/Domination, requiring you to kill a mini-boss to capture the zone. Afterwords, the more you control, the more points you gain annually. That's awesome.

Not after a year or two.

Let's try a new variation (which has been strongly suggested and asked for many times) Capture the Flag. Let me list how this will work, and why;

We all know how to play. Two teams have have a flag they must defend, while simultaneously try to steal the other team's flag and bring it back to their score point. There are respawns, and a mass amount of killing going on.

Would that work?

Two flags...probably not. This game doesn't have a built in voice server, and this isn't a LAN center or xbox live - communication is strongly needed and too many quiet twelve year olds won't strategize enough. The game would turn into a giant stalemate, waiting to return each others flag. Stupid, boring, and a big game of chase.

One flag? Yes. Why?

Instead of having two flags and one game/round, there would be multiple rounds [to reduce the possibility of a ridiculously long lasting game, a 1 hour limit cap would be placed on the entire match] and teams would take turns attacking the enemy flag and taking it home, and defending the flag. Granted, this would encourage camping, so hopefully EST could design the home base to have some flaws and also take into account there will be a tower in every area.

I can't give any specifics about the rules, map design, limitations, and so on. That'd be highly decided by the player base and EST [if the idea was ever picked up]. Given the right set of specifications, I believe this variation could excel and become a favorite by guilds and players alike.

A few other Nation War tweaks for current settings;
- Bring back extra wEXP for winning a war, although only 20-40 more wEXP than losing. Why? It brings back the competitive factor and forces it on nations. Casual/Competitive natures can't co-exist, but if they have the same goal, it would run smoother I bet. When everyone's goal is 30 and relog/fap, nothing is that fun. Especially when you're on a team of people tryharding, or people fapping, and you do the opposite.

- Add honor rank caps per tier. Why?
A lot of people are turned off to NW or waste time and money on it because they can't compete with the high level farmers. This leads to less activity or overall frustration which I feel is necessary. I got Praetor in Tier 2 and moved on, which is pretty average. Some people no-life the lower tiers to no extent, and it does become pretty boring after a while. The tiers themselves act as limits in their own natures and design, but flawed by design. Level is irrelevant most of the time compared to gear. So why not keep the level system in place, but put a cap of honor on lower tiers, and up to/including tier 2, so that when people reach that rank they cannot continue participating in that tier. This will encourage leveling for some people [so they don't laze around and just farm honor] which helps the economy [very small, but still...], and let the higher skilled players actually get a challenge.

I have many more ideas and will edit this post in the future.

You need to get used to reading long texts if you ever want to go anywhere in life.