View Full Version : Episode IX: Rising Force Patch Notes 03/06/13

[GM] Snow
03-06-2013, 10:26 AM
For a more details please review the Update Review here (http://www.cabal.com/UpdateReview/Read/Rising-Force).

Added Block Judgement Types
- Miss
- Block
Added New Options
- Damage Decrease
- Accuracy
- Penetration
- Suppression
- Root
- Silence
- Mezz Immune
- Complete Evade
- Reflect Damage
Added New Skills
- Magic Control
- Spirit Shield
- Quick Move
- Reflex Shield
- Astral Enchant
- Art of Curse
Added Mission Battle system
Added New Achievements
Added New Titles
Added function to show Guild Notification immediately on the Chat window in case there is a change
Added menu for 'Add Buddy' on right clicking on guild member on the Guild Member List
Added icon on the monster's name in case if the requirements of the checked quest on the quest tracker is hunting that monster
Added leftover quantity of Gem of Summons, the matching grade, on the quick slot in case the Mercenary is registered to it
Added 'Introduction to DP' Quest
Added icon on the monster in case the monster drops quest items
Added Buff/Debuff effect image according to the battle status
Added new function to notify lack of Gem of Summons
Added New Essence Rune 'Damage Decrease'
Added Combined Level Achievements
Added New mission dungeon 'Tower of Undead B3F'
Added Tempus' Ring
Added Archridium armor set
Added Astral Bike - PW3
Added new Charms
Added request recipes
Added item looting cooltime
Added Agent shop categories
[Mission War]
Added message to show the reason of Kicked-out situations in Mission War
Added Odd Circle Cooltime in Mission War

Corrected error that the quest list was not correctly refreshed at selling some quest items to the NPC shop
Corrected error that empty character slots having character create dates on it
Corrected error that inviting guild members exceeding the limitation was possible
Corrected error that changing the window size in 'Window mode' resulted the shadows shown in the game to be abnormal
Corrected error that changing the window size in 'Window mode' resulted the background color to change in Login/Character selection screen
Corrected error that the damage of 'Serpent' in 'Forgotten Temple B1F' was abnormal
Corrected error that objects in certain fields / dungeons disappeared after blinking few times
Corrected error that changing the window size right after entering the world resulted the client to crash
Corrected error that the effects of 15 enchanted items were not correctly shown in a certain angle
Corrected error that linking items to the chat window while having the Agent Shop open was not possible
Corrected errors related with certain tool tips
Corrected error that the movement speed in the character information was not shown properly in case reconnection was done after using 'Holy Water of Traveler'
Corrected error that certain skill motions of other characters were not displayed correctly in death situation
Corrected error that the member/base buff icon was not shown properly during Arcane Trace battles
Corrected error that using the next still immediately after casting Elemental Festival was possible in certain situations
Corrected error that the basic defense of Shadow Steel Armor sets were not correct
Corrected error that Chat / System window scroll status was not sent back to normal correctly
Corrected error that inputting $ to the chat resulted the message align to be abnormal
Corrected error that the direction of the sun / lens flare / Map shadow / Object shadow were not in order
Corrected error that
Corrected error that the same image of buff icons shown on Mission Battle
Corrected error that all casting time was now shown as the same message
Corrected translation errors
Corrected error that unable to use instants skill while moving / combos
Corrected error related with Daily quests regarding B3F
[Mission War]
Corrected error that the Personal Score was not being shown correctly in certain situations during Mission War
Corrected error that warning message didn't explain the situation properly for kick out in Mission War

Changed Defense stats calculation method
Changed skill point requirements to be fixed to 3
Changed maximum level & MP requirements of movement skills
Changed Additional Attack options of skills above Expert
Changed Amp. values of attack skill to increased in at a fixed rate
Changed cool time to be fixed disregarding the skill level
Changed so that Additional Attack options of skills will not be effected by Critical Damage Increase option
Removed Critical Rate Increase options from attack skills
Changed Stun chances on attack skills to increase depending on the skill level
Removed MP requirement increase while using Combos
Removed MP requirement increase while Battle Mode
Removed additional attack rate increase depending on the skill level
Changed so that when debuff skill fails, the cool time is to be set to half
Changed so that in case a Critical attack fails, the normal damage is to be applied slightly higher
Changed Upgrade Skill details related with Attack/Magic Attack/Defense to be slightly higher
Changed Upgrade Skill details related with Attack Rate/Defense Rate to be slightly lower
Changed Evasion rate calculation method
Change benefits from increase of each stat
Changed details of certain skills
Added 'Guard Break' to Force Shielder
Changed Certain skills to be instantly casted
- Instant Immunity
- Resist Barrier
- Intuition
- Art of Fierceness
- Intense Blade
- Cats Recovery
- Bear's Vitality
- Bloody Spirit
- Resist Intension
- Art of Defense
- Art of Force Control
- High Regeneration
- Mortal Bane
- Art of Sniping
- Spirit Shield
- Quick Move
- Reflex Shield
Changed certain item options
Expanded Essence Rune slots
Expanded level range of certain Essence Runes
- Attack Rate
- Defense Rate
- Down Resist
- Knockback Resist
- Stun Resist
- Attack
- Magic Attack
- Defense
Changed balance of certain monsters
Changed details of certain Achievements
Changed so that Party chats are to be displayed on Chat Bubbles
Changed so that retrieving items via mails would be possible with Ctrl+Left Click / Drag & Drop
Changed so that changing the focused window for Subpass word insertion is to be available by pressing 'Tab'
Changed Orb & Crystal Attack option to be 20% higher
Changed Attack/Magic Attack on Astral Bike Force options to be increased from 20 to 30
Changed Dungeon/Field difficultly
Changed option values of certain titles
Changed option of Drei Frame Epaulets
Changed stat change values upon enchant grade of equipment
Changed Slot extended item option vales
Changed so that 'Energy Field' of Wizards would be available while using Battle Mode 3
Changed so that Party buff skills registered to the Quick Slots would be activated only under party status
[Mission War]
Changed so that certain items would not be usable in Mission War
Changed stats of Guardian / Force towers for balance adjustments in Mission War
Lowered difficultly of Guardian monsters in Mission War
Adjusted PVP damage on Mission War
Adjusted details of Honor / Bringer title options
Adjusted details of damage score in Mission War