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[GM] Kato
04-08-2013, 02:39 PM
With the upcoming Server Merge scheduled on April 18th, we have decided to provide you with the chance to reserve your Character name.

Rules and Regulations

Each account will be able to reserve one Character name only.
The name must be currently occupied by your Character.
The Character must be at least level 100.

Failing to comply with the instructions will make the reservation obsolete. In such cases, we will request you submit the reservation again, and until the reservation has been made correctly, you won’t be able to preoccupy your name.
In the case of duplicate names, the first to submit their request in the correct format will receive the name. In uncertain situations, the GM has the sole discretion to decide who the name belongs to, by comparing both characters’ creation date, playtime etc.

Player Instructions

Log-In to the CABAL website at www.cabal.com
Go to the “Support” tab and submit a “Help Desk” Ticket.

Fill out the following Template

Subject Title: [Reserve Character Name]
Character Name:
Character Level:
Server Name:

Please note: The last chance to reserve your name is at 23:59 CABAL time on April 14th. Reservations will be closed on April 15th.