View Full Version : Battle Forc Sale

04-24-2013, 10:59 AM
S> All battle forc pc pieces ridiculously cheap in AH. (FB Boots and FA Suits EXTRA ridiculously cheap)

Master's TG FA suit 7amp/20def/2mcr/50 hp

Master's Sig FB Glove 7amp/2rcr/2mcr/slot
c/o 3b
b/o 4b

Forc FA Gloves 8amp/3rcr/2mcr
c/o 6b
b/o 7b

Forc FB Gloves +11 8amp/3rcr/2mcr
b/o 8b

Sig FA Gloves 7amp/20def/3mcr/3hp steal extended +15

Sig FA Hlm 40dmg 4 res crit dmg extended +15 (+300%2slot drop also)

RW3 of Dest +15 30m. atk craft + 105m.atk slots (135 magic attack total)