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Immortal Dilemma
05-30-2010, 03:39 PM
Okay, I was wondering why the NPC function didn't have weapons for sell like every weapon in the game ,or just missing weapons that are common in the game,and when you so called NPC'ed something u didn't get a profit from it. I thought about how players would abuse it if the NPC had a system of giving players back a reasonable price for items such as Account bind items or items that were crafted and so on... So i came up with a idea on how NPC could work out for both the game and players who think NPC is useless. There would be like a upgrading spin to selling your items to the NPC like based on percents (Like when you upgrade a slotted item).For example if i were to sell a Forcium plate + 5 it would let me pick a price like if i wanted 55mil for it the NPC would give me a % on my chances of getting my price that was not more then 100mil ,and it would be a spin on that plate the NPC would do a spin on if I get the ALZ i asked for 100% profit no cut from what i asked or we get a lower amount like 50mil .You wouldn't feel like u get ripped off this would make the NPC more usable.

Stuff that should be added to NPC

Map Entries
A NPC seller that could sell only map entries this would give players a good idea on how to get the map part or sell them in agent shop.Adding a explorer that sells map would be his/her name that sells the map entries.You shouldn't be paying 6mil or more for a EOD1 or even 2mil,but map parts that are dropping alot should be in the NPC Map Seller department.


Weapons that are and aren't suppose to be in the NPC.It would good to have weapons of every kind in the Weapons Dealer and Armor Dealer NPC. Like so....

like titanium,shadow titanium,redosmuim and forcium like a 1 slot then below that would be 2 slotted.
then orbs that are basic Phey,Aqua,Lapis,Topaz and Forcium same ^ the first row would be none slotted then the second page would be 1 slotted ,then under that would be 2 slotted orbs,crystals.

Upgrade shop

This would be like all the upgrades in the game such as Upgrade cores and Force Cores every grade and the NPC would pick the prices that they range from.Like a Upgrade Core low would be 300k then the highest would be 5mil so players can have a good idea on how to sell them if they find them in the game.Adding a Upgrade Seller or just use the Alchemist in every map that haves a NPC. Or use the story quest person that aren't usable to.Upgrading would be in the same place as upgrading anything from pet,items, and ect


06-14-2010, 06:08 AM
Woot! Good ideas!!

06-17-2010, 01:39 AM
its set up as it is to make people socially have to sell and/ or trade items more which creates a market place with various prices. if it was set up that i could buy any wep at this npc for the same price at all times, that would greatly affect the market and those that were making profit off of swords. and as every1 knows prices in the market fluctuate depending on the supply and demand, and with an npc always supplying...there is no demand and the market fails.

map entry npc, agree.