View Full Version : Need some help with CA4

01-03-2014, 01:53 PM
Alright, so far I have been able to solo CA1-3 with my warrior. Now i'm on to CA4 and it's making me bang my head against a wall... Any ideas on how to solo this dungeon as a warrior? I've tried 7k evasion pots and now i'm looking for an FA within that range to just heal me as I pull the boss.

01-03-2014, 04:19 PM
What range is CA4? I can help

01-03-2014, 07:25 PM
FS can help too with ss

01-04-2014, 05:04 AM
What range is CA4? I can help
Range is 125-144, I'm usually on in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons(Eastern Standard Time)

01-06-2014, 02:57 PM
Anyone interested in helping me that's in the 125-144 range with an FA/FS/WI class? I would like to do 10 runs to get the achievement maxed, but 1 is perfectly fine with me!