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06-02-2010, 11:42 PM
Well, looking at a bunch of posts I have read thought the forum, as well as a colection of thoughts from my friends as well as myself.

There are many dungons within the game (Not really only like 9ish (not counting them) ) However, all the new dungons that are added into the game require a party to be able to run it successfuly. This leaving us with a little amount of dungons that can be ran solo for those times when you do not have a dungon "buddy". Lets take a look at the list (Not including DX or DT Dungons.... DTs are semi pointless - Excludeing Trogglo. DX are getting better slowly still a new idea being introduced into the game. +1 its gotten better from fail PC)

Dungons that can be ran solo and finished successfuly.


All of these dungons can be soloed and finished. However, if you break down the list, they are all quick runs and very repetive. This causeing them to get boreing thought time.

Now, on the other hand. Dungons that require a 1+ person to run and successfuly finish.

Lost World
AOS2 *Newer dungon...there is a reason why the entry is so cheap*
FT2 *LoL at anyone who trys to solo this*
Illusion Castle *Newest dungon, and quite frankly its a joke*

If you notice, its been nice that a few dungons that are more advanced and challenge our skills as a team. It would as well be nice to see a few more dungons that are just as advanced yet acheivable to be able to solo.

Just and Idea, and I think some many agree...

~ Razz

06-03-2010, 09:29 AM
6. Illusion Castle 2 for the non-soloable section

After that, lets hope for a new soloable dungeon that would be nice