View Full Version : Ok I see tons of posts here in regards to "Wont Accept m Email!!" look here for help

04-05-2010, 03:53 PM
K guys before going crazy make sure you check all of the following:

1. username is not taken
2. email is not already used
3. *******(very important) make sure you check the SECURITY code at the submition screen it is CASE sensitive
4. double check all the info before submitting it make ure all the info is in place (if you end up messing up by accident and it goes back tho the screen for some reason make sure you re-input the text boxes that poofed for example you will prob need to re-input the security code and the pw)

I hope this helps feel free to let me know if you have don all that ill try to make a dummy account to try to recreate your problem you can reply here if you need to post exactly what your doing so i can recreate the issue :) (do not give account info just explain the steps you are taking)

EDIT: hmm well i tried to recreate the issue and I see what everyon is saying it must be a coding error in the web page just sit tight give it a day its probly being worked on Ill send a ticket into the help desk with my account.