View Full Version : Hair/color guide o.o

06-13-2010, 02:09 PM
Anyone know an ACCURATE guide that clearly demonstrates all the possibilities for the hair and color kits in item shop?

-.- I dont want to buy one only to find out what combination i thought was possible, is infact not. Thus being a waste of money.

You'd think previews of the possibilities would be in place much like they have for the eppy's/costumes.

[GM] Jamie
06-13-2010, 08:54 PM
Sorry for the inconvenience :)
We'll post a thread regarding this issue.

06-13-2010, 09:07 PM
Alright, much thanks Jamie.
It's been bugging me and I hate to spend so much money on all of them to finally make an accurate guide, so hearing that you all will do it saves my butt :)

Hope to hear from you.

06-27-2010, 12:54 PM
Any guide posted yet jamie? ...

06-27-2010, 01:59 PM
just google it. it's on cabalwiki

06-27-2010, 02:22 PM
yes many times